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Victoria realizes that she's one of five people waiting for wind conditions to improve. And since they'll only be able to go one at a time and she's fifth in line, she bails. Mel is pretty disappointed to see her go. When Steve and Linda arrive, she firmly says that she's doing this one. Might as well make the most of her confidence while it's at its highest ebb. Margie is also making the decision to proceed on foot, as is Kris. Which, on the bright side for Mel, at least bumps him up a couple of places in line. Before going off to wait for his mom at the bottom, Luke writes Jaime and Cara a little note, and the music gets all flirty as he solo-interviews (with the help of subtitles as he signs), "I really like Jaime and Cara. They're very friendly and nice. And we communicate well." This is one of those times when I call on my ASL-fluent wife Trash to make sure he's not really saying, "I really like Jaime and Cara. I'm a healthy young man, and they are NFL cheerleaders. And since my other senses are more acute, I'm the only one who can tell them apart." Jaime reads the note to Cara. "He said kick ass and don't get eliminated." Cara, waiting on the launch spot for the wind to change now that she's first in line, gives Luke a thumbs-up and blows him a kiss. Notice how I can tell which is which? It's because they're fairly far apart and dressed differently and one just called the other by name. As soon as they're back together, I'm screwed again.

In the cable car down, Amanda tells Brad about how Mel's committed to waiting on the wind, since he's in no shape to make the walk down the hill. "I'm telling you, it would cripple me to run down that hill," Mel himself tells Linda. Linda decides to head down on foot. "Not a good runner, but I want to make Steve proud of me," she says. Mel observes, "They're dropping like flies. One by one, they're leaving." And we see several of them heading down the hill, Tammy still in the lead, following the left-pointing arrow at the fork in the path. That's a very helpful arrow. Although it could be a little more clearly visible. I'd hate to see someone miss it.

Kisha|Jen and Christie|Jodi arrive for the cable car ride at about the same time, which means the sisters were lost long enough for the Flight Attendants to catch up to them despite a 95-minute time deficit created by their separate flights. This one's going to Jen and Christie, respectively. Mel acts all confident for everyone else's benefit about the paragliding, mainly because he's also confident that attempting to run down the mountain will split him like a wishbone. Meanwhile, Mike is pacing nearby while the camera tilts ironically down at his "Yes We Can" t-shirt. Cara says she's "feeling nervous." She doesn't say whether it's about the flight or the wait, but either way Jaime advises her to take to her heels, then. Which she does. When the Flight Attendants wonder what that's all about, Mel, who is now by default the first in line to fly and thus has a vested interest in keeping all the other teams up here with him, says that walking down is for those who "chicken out," which he isn't about to do. He adds, "The short guys haven't come yet." It seems unlikely that they'll chicken out, I would say.

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