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And now here they are. "It's the mini-men," says Jen. Mel's getting more and more worried now, as Michael yields the turn to Mark. "Don't be afraid!" Mel calls down. "You're telling me that?" Mark calls back, sincerely confused as to why anyone would offer him encouragement. Can't Mel see that he's a fucking superhero? In an interview, Mel says, "I was certain that I had doomed us." The Flight Attendants have figured out what the deal is, and Jodi is encouraging Christie not to wait around any longer. "Oh, poor Mikey," Mel mutters. "He wanted to go all the way." Seeing that Mark's about to go the same route, he warns, "It's an hour run on gravel." Mark literally says, "Do you know who you -- That's fine." He's off down the hill, probably in search of someone who won't insult him by suggesting that he might find something difficult. "Come on, girls, don't leave," Mel begs quietly. But they do leave, and Mel's left waiting for the wind to change all alone. "Oh, God, I lost," he mutters. "So we lose the race because I stayed up here." And yet I suspect it's not over yet.

Mike quietly admits, "This is the first time since we've started that I'm actually worried about being eliminated." After one leg. And Mel, finally, utters my favorite prayer of years of having to listen to people pray on this show:

"I can't pray for divine intervention. God has enough to do. I can just thank you for this beautiful place, thank you for having a son that is so great, but I can't pray for God to intervene on my behalf in wind." Pause. "But if it changed, I would be very grateful."

And that seems to get God out of the proverbial tub, because all the wind-gauges start going limp. Time to go! Both Mel and Mike call it a miracle. Apparently God does answer non-prayers.

Tammy is still in a full run as she reaches the bottom of the hill first, where Victor is waiting for her. He congratulates her, and they go after the clue in the box. Phil tells us that they're now looking at a 25-mile drive to Schönau Am Königssee for their next clue. Victor drives them off in first place. Time to get the Schönau on the road now.

With a dude strapped to his back, Mel runs as hard as he can until the paraglider catches the wind and their feet leave the ground. They barely clear the outer edge of path on the slope directly below them, but then they're airborne. "Whoa," Mike says. Mel says, "I'd lose the Race for this." You almost did, Sunshine.

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