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Dan arrives at the waiting area and learns that Nick and Starr have been and gone. "Dallas is still out there," Toni adds, like he's a missing cat that may or may not come home. Tina arrives next, and as she retrieves her clue from the box she tells Toni, "I helped Dallas." She forgets to mention that they owe her now. She and Ken read their clue, and as they head for a cab, Ken scolds her, "Helping Dallas, now, that's bull crap." In the taxi, she tries to calm him down by saying, "Dallas would never have figured it out. I helped him. I shouldn't have, but we're still ahead." I can't help wondering if she would have kept it to herself had she not wanted to brag to Toni about her magnanimity. Ken's not willing to let it go: "We made a decision not to help anybody else. We gotta stick to it or we're gonna end up cutting our own throats." Dallas, meanwhile, is alone in a cab, saying he'll be happy with third place at this point. He has no idea how true that is.

Andrew and his cabbie double-time on foot to the bookstore, and Andrew deliberately tells the owner, "61." Gong sound effect as the owner shakes her head. Andrew nearly panics. And over the cabbie's head, you can practically see a thought balloon depicting the ruble notes that represent his tip being flushed down a toilet.

Dallas gets out of his cab outside the apartment building, and the camera gets a nice close-up of him shutting the taxi door on his Amazing Purse, which he's sending off on its own Muscovite adventure for the rest of the day. Oops. Lots of oops. Every oop in the world, in fact. It's also an impressive feat, in a way, because I don't know how Dallas's Amazing Cameraman got that shot without giving it away. Unless that did give it away, because Dallas seems to realize his mistake almost at once. He goes running after the cab, but it's too late. There goes all of his team's cash, and his passport. In a post-leg interview sitting next to his mom, Dallas says he realized that he was in big trouble. Now, as I've said before, I can only recap events as they're presented on the show, just as I would on a scripted series. But if you're interested, Reality Blurred has Dallas's version of the story. Since it's a variation on blaming the crew, it's up to you whether you want to look into it. In either case, he now has to go to his mom to report that he has no passport or cash. "Where is it?" Toni demands. As Dallas rips the clue envelope, he shrugs that "It got stuck in a cab," as though it were some freak phenomenon that he had nothing to do with. "So we have nothing," he announces. Behind them, Dan shakes his head in mingled sympathy and disgust. And when Dan is listening to you and thinking, "Wow, dumb move," you are done.

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