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Knocked Out of the Park

Ken and Tina get off their trolley bus and start looking around for the keymaker. He looks completely different from how he did in The Matrix Reloaded. He hands them their key with the tag reading, "Rizhskaya Train Station -- travel by trolley bus." Which they do. The Frat Boys are not far behind.

"This race kills you," Dallas says from the back of his and Toni's cab. She says that hopefully it won't be much longer before they get there. Yes, they will be done soon, one way or another.

Ken|Tina and the Frat Boys disembark their seemingly consecutive trolley buses. Ken and Tina take their key to locker 16 and find the VDNKh Park Station postcard waiting inside for them. The Frat Boys do the same with locker 8, without either of the teams encountering the other. As Ken and Tina hop their next trolley bus, Tina wonders "what significance the stadium has." Stadium? The round station in the picture may be stadium-shaped, but it certainly isn't stadium-sized. How she notices anything other than that giant Soviet fin is beyond me anyway. Dan and Andrew are also on a trolley bus. Probably the one right behind them, asking the driver for "Vidnick Park." I went to high school with a kid named Vidnick Park. We called him Nick. And made fun of his fin.

Toni and Dallas finally return to Sokol'niky Park. By this time, the Shetland pony has given up and returned to the stable, but at least the miniature soldier is still there to give them their clue. I hope she's getting overtime. They decide to Ride the Lines -- they're just going to have to scrape up the funds. Wouldn't jumping the turnstiles for the Metro be cheaper?

Near that big fin, Ken and Tina disembark from their trolley bus, Tina repeating from the clue, "Search the station." They don't seem to have noticed the fin, let alone the station, but Dan and Andrew spot it right away when they arrive. Toni and Dallas have stopped a hot English-speaking blonde, who's already unshouldering her purse to hand over their trolley bus fare the moment they ask her the price. "If you're not last, you're not going home," Dallas says as they board their trolley bus. I think he means for that to sound confident.

Ken and Tina are totally adrift. Even though Ken keeps trying to direct them over to the fin, they somehow end up wandering aimlessly in the opposite direction. Dan and Andrew, by contrast, are already in view of the clue box, not that they've spotted it yet. And now Toni and Dallas have found their keymaker, and are only two trolley-bus rides behind.

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