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Knocked Out of the Park

Nick and Starr head out in third, Starr remarking to Nick that they need to be on their game as they jog out of the park. She admits, "I am used to things going my way." After winning five out of the nine legs so far, I can see how that might happen. We see them trying to hail a cab on the road before deciding to cross so they can try their luck on the other side. As they secure a taxi, Starr continues that it's hard for her to be as calm as Nick, and she doesn't want to let him down. I don't think that's as much of a danger as winding him up. Sometimes it seems like the only thing that can get under Nick's skin is Starr.

Andrew and Dan are the last to depart as usual. Dan interviews that they need all the help they can get, calling their track record "spotty." Which is accurate; they have had a few spots where they did well. Andrew says, "To be in the final three after what we've been through, it would be a miracle. Heh heh." Is it still called a miracle if it's brought about not by God but by the foulest, most destructive havoc-demon from the reeking cesspits of Hell? Because if so I would agree with him. Reading the clue in their taxi to the sub, Andrew chuckles at the possibility that they might be about to meet Sean Connery. That would almost be worth it, just to hear him compare these two unfavorably to "the Marx Brotherzzh."

Cut to the sub waiting for them, docked in the Moscow River or whatever. Toni|Dallas are paying their cabbie, and Ken|Tina are doing the same. The Siblings aren't far behind. On board the sub, officers are going about their fake business. Phil already told us it was decommissioned, comrades, so you don't need to impress us. Apparently the whole sub is behind a park admission gate, and when the gates open, all three lead teams are waiting outside. Six racers run to the sub, and Dallas enters first with Ken right behind him. Oh, and since it's been converted to a museum, there's a regular door mounted into the side so that nobody has to lower themselves in through a hatch. Pity. They small crowd makes its way down the ship's narrow main corridor, and Dallas sticks his head inside a cabin with a young sailor sitting on his bunk. "Nyet," the man answers when Dallas asks him for a clue. The Siblings have split off to a different corridor, and realize the first guy they spotted wasn't in H4RO because he's too young. I just realized we're talking about an eighteen-year-old movie that came out when I was in college. Now I feel old. Dallas dashes into the sonar room and holds his hands out for a clue, which he receives, leaving Ken to get his clue second, like an eager back-tier trick-or-treater. Nick's right behind them. Dallas reads the clue on the sub, which is sending them on a taxi ride to "the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments."

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