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Knocked Out of the Park

And here's Phil, walking through yet another park. Good God, how many parks are there in Moscow, anyway? How does anybody get any work done? In any case, this particular park is quite distinctive, with a giant dorsal fin visible in the background, pointing up at the sky. Phil's here to tell us about the Detour options, which are a choice between Moscow's two main forms of public transportation: "Ride the Rails" (subway) and "Ride the Lines" (bus). For "Ride the Rails," the teams have to walk to the nearby Sokol'niky Metro station and catch a train to a different station. Then they'll surface to visit a pastry stand and pick up a local delicacy called a samsa (presumably hoping it doesn't turn into a giant cockroach), upon whose wrapper will appear further instructions. Specifically, it will tell them to ride the Metro to yet another station, where they'll have to find a statue of the two men who created the Cyrillic alphabet. Then they'll need to make their way past angry mobs of frustrated students of the Russian language (not really) to find a "babushka" waiting at a nearby table to swap the pastry for a postcard. That card will direct them to VDNKh (that's not a typo -- the vowel-deficient locale is pronounced "Veh-deh-en-ka") Park Station, which they'll need to search for their next clue. Phil warns that the subway is "a multilayered labyrinth...and the signage is almost entirely in Cyrillic." But it's not as scary as it sounds, because now Phil is standing on a train platform, assuring us, "trains come so frequently that even multiple mistakes can be rectified, and teams may speed ahead."

"Ride the Lines," the bus option, seems simpler on its face, as teams will walk to the nearest bus stop and hop a trolley bus (the kind with wires sticking out of the top) to another station, where a keymaker will give them a storage locker key and instructions to proceed to another bus station. There, they'll need to find the right locker containing a postcard sending them to VDNKh Park Station. Phil warns that traffic can be a bitch, plus there are a lot of different kinds of buses out there to screw you up. Well, it's clear which option Phil wants us to take.

Nick & Starr, currently and obviously in first place, decide to put Nick's New Yorker-ness to their advantage and choose "Ride the Rails." Their cabbie points them to the Metro station (forgetting to assure them, "We'll find it,") and they thank him and are on their way.

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