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Penang it All

Jet gets the incense on his float lit, and carries it to the water's edge. The guru in the water sets it on the waves and hands him his clue. After rejoining Cord, Jet reclaims his hat and then opens the clue, which should tell you something about his priorities. Jet's hope that the clue is sending them to the Pit Stop is borne out; Phil says they need to find the "historic section" of the island and locate the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, a giant colonial cube. I guess the non-colonial era stuff isn't historical in Malaysia; it's just there. "Built a hundred years ago by one of the island's wealthiest residents, this opulent house is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated." The Cowboys head back to the cab, saying, "We could be back in the game right here!" You think? In fact, Carol and Brandy are on the road outside the Road Block, and are stunned to see the Cowboys up ahead. The Cowboys, in turn, say they haven't seen another team yet. But they think that's good sign.

Carol and Brandy reach the Road Block in second place, and Carol is doing this one. She immediately gets to work, crouching down over the smashing-pad and flinging coconut water into the camera lens. It's obvious from all the coconut wreckage that nobody's sweeping it off between racers. Meanwhile, Brent and Caite are getting directions to where they're actually supposed to be going, and Steve and Allie arrive at the Detour temple in time to see Dan and Jordan starting up the stairs with a single incense log between them. Then we see them again, Dan somehow carrying two while Jordan carries one, as they notice Steve and Allie's arrival. Allie impatiently snaps at her dad to look at the inventory with her before he unloads it, and he quickly goes over what they have. Gong! Oh, wait, that's just Dan and Jordan reaching the top of the stairs again. I'm never going to get used to this.

Carol finds a colored coconut, and Brandy yells at her that she's got it. "Think a good thought for me!" she calls out as Carol begins work on her float. Louie and Michael arrive outside, and Michael reads from the clue, "Whose life could use a splash of color?" Louie shrugs that he'll take it, because it doesn't so much sound like a heart attack. Maybe he's even hoping he'll have to drink some dye for some kind of medical check, which he could certainly do with. Louie's second coconut turns out to be colored inside, so he gets to join Carol at the table. "Are you kidding me?" she asks, frustrated at having been caught up so quickly. That's not going to help them see her as being less negative.

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