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Penang it All

Dan gets all of their incense lit, and they're out of there in fifth pace. Steve and Allie are still at it, and the brothers wish them luck on their way back to the cab. "It's bad-ass hot," Dan says. "This is by far the toughest leg." Well, the way they're doing it, sure.

Caite finally cracks open a pink coconut, quickly builds her float, and wades out waist-deep to finish the task. Now the subtitles say they're in fourth despite not having passed anyone. Brent tells their cabbie, "Now we gotta go straight here, no joking." They're upset that the "fricking lesbians" passed them.

The fricking lesbians have just reached the mansion, and they quickly find Phil upstairs. He just looks at them. "Waiting for they eyebrow to go up," Carol says. Phil obliges. She continues doing his job for him, saying, "Carol and Brandy, you number...?" Phil holds up two fingers. As the women hug, he finally lets them hear his voice, saying, "Congratulations. You are team number two." And they came thisclose to earning one-sixth of Phil's pay for this episode.

Allie gets their incense lit, and they get their next clue. Now they just have to find a taxi. Steve nearly kills himself jumping out in front of one, but they're soon on their way.

And Dan and Jordan's driver is stopping for gas, to Jordan's horror. Dan recalls, "We had the best cabdriver on this entire island and we let him go." "Why can't anything just be easy?" Jordan laments. Yes, that would be awesome TV. After the ads, the brothers' tank is full and the driver gets back in. "As fast as you can, sir, thank you," Jordan says with sarcasm that is somehow both tightly repressed and totally lacerating.

Steve is also impatient with his driver, threatening to get into another cab when their driver looks like he's trying to turn around. Steve says he's tired of tortoises and wants a rabbit. "Can you be a rabbit?" he demands. Allie apologizes for him, saying they're stressed, but Steve says he isn't; "I just want the guy to drive." Of course Jaime from TAR14 would have stuffed the cabbie up the tailpipe by now.

At this point, Louie and Michael are getting checked in as team number three. They're pretty happy about it, too.

Dan and Jordan arrive at the Road Block. "Whose life could use a splash of color?" Jordan reads. "Ahh, that's me!" After dancing a bit with the locals, he gets started smashing coconuts, and finds a blue one in his first armload. But then he starts building his "float" without the raft, dropping flower petals into his coconut shell fragment. Then he lights the incense and carries it out, but the guru in the ocean turns him away.

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