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Penang it All

Meanwhile, Allie asks her driver to go faster, and he complies. She cheers him on like he just used the potty for the first time.

"I didn't do it right," Jordan says. "Read. The. Clue," Dan advises impatiently from the sidelines. Jordan does, and says, "Oh, I'm such an idiot."

Even without having seen this, Steve is confident that they'll beat Dan and Jordan. Or he's pretending to be. But it's going to be tough, now that Jordan has an actual float, which he exchanges for the clue. They're off to the Pit Stop in fifth place.

Steve and Allie find the clue box, and Allie's going to do this one. She gets to work smashing coconuts.

Brent and Allie get dropped off, and wander aimlessly in to the mat, like this place is too reminiscent of a museum or some other educational place for them to want to hurry inside. Phil tells them they're team number four. "We'll take it," they agree.

Allie finds a yellow coconut, and builds her float. Steve watches from behind a crowd of much shorter locals. By now, the guru has waded so far out that she has to go in all the way up to her shoulders to get their clue. If there were more teams in this leg, I suspect the guru would be halfway to India by the time the last racer came through. Soon Steve and Allie are back in their cab, again asking their driver to go fast. Meanwhile, Dan and Jordan are running into traffic on their way to the Pit Stop. "Everyone and their mother from Malaysia is turning into this parking lot right now," Dan says. So then it's the standard high-speed, race-for-last editing back and fourth, right up until the fifth place team makes it to the mat, and it's Dan and Jordan. So what we just saw is the entire ranking of last week's leg flipped on its head, from beginning to end.

The loser-music is extra wistful as Steve and Allie finally reach the mansion and head inside. Phil tells them they're last to arrive, and Philiminates them. Steve kisses her on the cheek, and Phil asks her what it's been like to run the race with her dad. Allie is too emotional to say much on the mat. But in an interview, she tells him that "I had the time of my life, with you, and it's something we'll have forever." "And I'm taking it that you don't get emotional too often, Steve?" Phil asks him back on the mat. Steve says Allie's the only one who could do that to him, and tells her. "You were tough man, you were tough." Except that part where she gave up on that one Detour without even trying. He interviews that he still sees her as his little girl, "But she surprised me how tough she is." He goes on to say that even though he has a World Series ring, "People might think I'm crazy, but it jumped ahead a bit." Allie gets choked up. She's either deeply touched, or she's thinking of all that fucking 7Up waiting for her at home.

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