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Brent and Caite rip their clue open at 9:15 PM, which is a pretty big gap for a team that was in first place when they first got to this country. Louie and Michael are right behind them at 9:16, and we learn they have $128 for this leg.

Carol and Brandy are leaving at 10:19 PM. Dude, those return oxcart trips really did a number on the teams that had to make them. Carol interviews about how no one was expecting them to do this well on the race, including themselves. In the cab, they aren't looking forward to visiting the Snake Temple. I refuse to read anything into that.

Brent|Caite reach the marina first, and are soon joined by the Detectives. Who are giving us a mystery of our own to puzzle out, which is the fact that they like working with Brent and Caite. Louie "explains," "They're good kids, they're respectful, they're kids that you would be proud to call your own children." I hope Louie doesn't actually have kids of his own, or at least not any who are watching, because I can't see them being flattered by the comparison. Caite in turn is in the habit of calling them the "Daddies," as we've seen before. Caite and Louie bond over their appreciation of snakes, and Brent notices the serpent tattoo on Louie's arm. That somehow segues into how Carol is the "serpent" in the race. Wait, what's going on there? In a separate interview, Michael explains that they see Brandy and Carol as a threat, with their superior language skills and travel experience. So they're hoping to use Brent and Caite to get rid of them, I guess. He even quizzes them on what they'll do if they get to a U-Turn first. "U-Turn the ___ out of 'em!" Caite says respectfully. "It's unanimous," Brent agrees engaging in a little self-mockery that still fails to make me like him.

Jet and Cord are leaving the mat at 10:22 PM, so I guess it really was pretty close between them and Carol|Brandy there at the end last week. I was half expecting them to be an hour behind and benefiting from some creative editing. Despite being in last place and facing a Speed Bump somewhere on this upcoming leg, Jet says, "The only time we've ever failed is if we quit." Which they're not about to do. I would add that they have also failed when they sucked.

Steve and Allie arrive at the dock, and the other teams notice their new "backpacks." Steve begs some clothes off of Michael, who interviews that he wouldn't mind seeing Steve in the final four. Not the final three, mind you, but the final four. "How do you not help somebody like that?" Michael appeals to us. Well, if you know in advance that Steve's going to hold up a pair of your very large underwear for the edification of millions, which Steve does, that might make not helping him a little bit easier.

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