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Dan and Jordan opt for Buddhist Tradition, assuming they're already at the right location for that one. But then when they read on and find out it's a t a different temple, they realize they cut their cabdriver loose. We get a shot of said driver on his way (presumably taken during the brothers' ride, even though it looks like the brothers also ditched their Amazing Cameraman), but all Dan and Jordan can do now is move on.

Behind them, Brent misreads the word "incense" in the clue as "license,", and they decide on that one as well, despite not knowing what a "license stick" is. Steve|Allie and Carol|Brandy arrive next, followed by the Detectives and the Cowboys, and we see all four of those teams telling their drivers to wait. Then, when the brothers and the models head back down to the street, all of the waiting cabs are spoken for. The brothers get a fresh one anyway, and are on their way to the next temple, still in first for the moment. Brent and Caite try to flag at taxi and fail because it is not actually a taxi. Meanwhile, up on the Snake Temple steps, all the other teams save Jet and Cord (still in last) have opted for the incense. Carol and Brandy are back underway, and Steve and Allie decide to have their cabbie follow Louie and Michael's. Jet and Cord, meanwhile, have returned to the street to find their cabbie gone. Brent and Caite find a new one, having gone from first to fifth in record time, even for them, and the Cowboys are left stranded. Not an auspicious start to a leg that they really, really needed an auspicious start to. After the ads, though, a guy with a cell phone offers to call a cab for them. They re too stressed out to be appropriately grateful.

Three teams are on the narrow but fast road to the next temple, and now it's Louie and Michael who pass Carol|Brandy and then Dan|Jordan. Michael's loving this. "You're like Jason Bourne, right?" he says to the driver. If he is, they'll be in good shape if the race veers into hand-to-hand combat between cabbies. There's a first time for everything, right?

A cab has arrived to take the Cowboys to Taman Kota Lama park for the flagpole Detour. They jump in, trying to stay positive. "Who knows how the rest of the day is gonna go?" Jet asks. "We're still hopeful." Well, I know how the rest of the day is going to go, having already watched this episode, and I hope it doesn't give much away to say that they have reason to still be hopeful.

Now Carol and Brandy's cab passes Louie and Michael's, and peels off in a different direction. Which must be the right one, because the subtitles put them in first place. "How are your eyebrows today?" Carol wonders. "They're about to get singed." I assume she means by the incense rather than by Caite's vitriol, although it could go either way. They arrive at the base of the hill the temple is perched on, and I have to say that most of its curb appeal derives from the aforementioned flight of 150 white steps out front. Carol and Brandy jump out and head right to the gigantic, hot-pink incense sticks waiting for them. Seriously, how am I supposed to maintain any kind of decorum when they keep making the lesbians do things like wave bananas and manhandle enormous pink shafts? Carol has been reading the clue in the cab, so she knows they need "six sixes, four tens, and two eights." Those sixes, tens, and eights, it seems refer to the length of these incense sticks -- in feet. And each one of them is greater in circumference than Brandy. They realize pretty early on that this is going to take multiple trips.

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