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Penang it All

The two teams who abandoned their cabs in traffic are now lost and stopping for directions. Because what's better than being on foot if it's not being lost and on foot? Louie and Michael are happy to see this as they drive by in the taxi they never got out of. The other teams spot them and start running behind to catch up. Somewhere in here is a parable about the stock market, but I can't seem to find it.

Back at the esplanade, Jet's taking another run. He interviews about how when they were little, "and we got to playing with a broom, it's not long before somebody says, 'Well, I bet I can balance it on my nose longer than you can.'" They look so young, but sometimes they make remarks that sound like they grew up in the fifties. Jet finishes up, so the Cowboys just became the first team to complete the Detour. Their day is looking up. And not just because they had to spend that whole Detour looking, literally, up. Their next clue is sending them to what Phil calls "The seaside village of Teluk Bahang." Their next clue is outside yet another temple, and the Cowboys run back to their cab, sweaty but in a good mood. "Just gives you that little inkling of hope that we could finish this leg someplace besides last." Not to get ahead of ourselves, but that hope is not misplaced.

"This is the thousand-step climb of Lao Tzu," Brandy pants as she and Carol take another trip to the top. I'm pretty sure she just made that up. They stop and rest while Brent and Caite pass them. Gong! Oh, I forgot again that doesn't mean what it usually means. "The daddy cops are here," Caite observes as Louie and Michael arrive down below. "Crikey!" Brent says. They're much friendlier to them than they were to Carol and Brandy. What was Caite saying last week about being nothing but nice to them?

There are two clue boxes waiting when Jet and Cord arrive at the temple, because one of them is their Speed Bump. Then Phil's in a shady garden, reminding us that Jet and Cord were saved from elimination in the last leg and thus must now complete a Speed Bump. In this case, that Speed Bump consists of going to "this tropical spice garden, and find the lady preparing spiced teas." A woman is busy with a mortar and pestle on a bench. They have to smell what she's crushing and then figure out which of three teas is made with that ingredient. Then they'll deliver a cup of that tea to a guru who's chilling elsewhere in the park. If they get it right, they get their next clue and head back to the race. So it's yet another Speed Bump that's not actually difficult. Having read their clue, Jet and Cord go back to their waiting taxi driver, who tells them the spice garden is five kilometers (three miles) away. So back in the cab they go, even if Dan|Jordan and Steve|Allie would travel the same distance on foot. "We're hoping everybody is having all kinds of fits," Jet says in the cab. Oh, they will be when they find out how easy that other Detour option was.

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