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At the temple, Brent and Caite are keeping up a steady pace while Carol and Brandy are forced to rest in the shade. On the way down, they meet Louie, who is carrying one on his shoulder, and Michael, who is carrying three (short ones, I think) in his arms crossways. Carol calls Michael a rock star as they meet them coming down. When they reach the top, poor, out-of-shape Louie is coughing like he's been shot in the throat. "Cardioman is back," Michael says. "My cardio, I don't even want to talk about it," Louie interviews. It'll just make him short of breath all over again. Caite and Brent are carrying their last one up the stairs, having caught up to Carol and Brandy. Which I'm sure we won't hear much about from them at all.

Jet and Cord have arrived at the Tropical Spice Garden. "I can't smell anything," Jet says. They soon find the woman on the bench. While Jet reads from the clue, Cord accepts the bowl of crushed spices from the woman and takes a whiff. Jet wants a sniff as well, while Cord starts trying to match the spices to the tea. Jet interviews that he's been pretty stuffed up lately, "but that aroma was so strong that I could still smell it through the stuffiness." I'm glad that sentence ended the way it did. It could have gone in a much grosser direction. Like, instead of stuffiness, he might have said "phlegm" or "mucus" or "impenetrable plug of solid caulk-snot." So I appreciate his decorum. They pick one of the three little teapots and head on up the path, Jet carrying both backpacks while Cord manages the tea tray. They find the robed, bearded guru sitting on a platform swing, and Cord pours him a cup. The guru takes a taste, shakes his head no, and they head back down the path to try again. I hope he isn't meditating about anything important.

Dan|Jordan and Steve|Allie are still on foot, the latter team regretting their decision to hoof it. "This was stupid," Steve says. The brothers might be regretting it as well, but since they're also carrying backpacks, they're saving their breath instead of complaining about it.

Jet and Cord get the right tea on the second try. Even though they had a fifty-fifty chance after eliminating one of the three choices, they still earn another musical cue of the Heroic Cowboy Theme. Cord shakes the guru's hand, and they're on their way back to the temple in the cab. "From here on out, we're doing the same tasks as everybody else," Jet says. Except it looks like they're doing them first.

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