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Steve and Allie's cab catches up to them at the top of the hill, and they get in just in time to ride around the corner into a parking lot. Dan and Jordan's taxi never did show up, and they get all the way there on foot. Except, oops, they went to the wrong place. I kind of hope they didn't pay their driver before getting out. For the return trip down the hill, Dan tries to poach Steve and Allie's cab, which doesn't work. "The cab driver was loyal," Steve says, which is about the nicest thing one could say about a cabbie who told them it was a) only four or five minutes on foot to b) the wrong place. And yet I'm sure there was lots of footage left out of Steve complimenting the driver's turn-signal etiquette, vehicle neatness, and dental hygiene. So now Dan and Jordan are stranded at the top of this hill, and as they start to schlep back down, "Jordan says, "We need a taxi. I don't want to walk by foot when I don't know where I'm going. And I know you agree with me," he adds. Not much Dan can say to that. He doesn't have to agree because Jordan already knows he does, and he can't disagree because Jordan already knows he doesn't.

After the ads, Steve and Allie are trying to make sure their driver knows where he's going now. Since the next two things the driver says are "I don't know" and "no problem," he does not inspire confidence. Dan and Jordan, meanwhile, have been lucky enough to find a parking lot with a taxi stand near where they realized they were lost. Dan tries to calm his brother down as they cab it elsewhere. Meanwhile, Steve is telling Allie to get out for directions, and she nearly catches a passing motorcycle in her car door when she opens it to get out. Steve, apparently so frustrated with getting to this place he can't even take it any more, gets directions for the other Detour option. There are plenty of valid reasons to switch Detours, but I'm not sure "we can't find the one we first picked" ranks all that high on the list.

Jet and Cord are the first to arrive at the clue box for the Detour. At a beachside park, amid more musicians and dancers, Phil says, "With more than half the race behind them, the competition is getting fierce. And teams will need something more than perseverance to stay in the game. Now teams will take part in two Hindu rituals that will ensure that they encounter good luck." Or their money back? The first thing they'll need to do is smash coconuts from a pile until they get one that's brightly colored on the inside. Then they'll take at least one piece of it over to a little craft table to make a "float," a waterborne offering on a miniature raft made of bamboo and leaves that will also include flower petals and a bit of incense. They'll then bring it out to the guru who's standing waist-deep in the ocean. He'll send it on its way across the water and give them their clue in a Ziploc bag. Cord decides Jet is doing this one, because it's so hot. So Jet goes over to the pile of coconuts, picks some up, and starts smashing them by throwing them down on a hard surface nearby. Given last week's Detour, I'm sure a lot of players will find this cathartic.

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