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Penang it All

Brent and Caite have their giant incense burner all loaded up, so now they need to get the ladder in place to start lighting the sticks. Brent pours oil on the giant wicks, and they get done lighting them before Carol and Brandy do. "I can't believe we beat the lesbians," Caite says as they head down the stairs on their way to the Road Block. Neither can we.

Dan and Jordan are arriving just as Brent and Caite are leaving. The models are in their cab by the time Carol and Brandy get their clue. They congratulate themselves in the taxi. "We're showing everybody up!" Brent boasts. "Everybody that's got wrong opinions, screw them." Wrong opinions?

Michael finishes with the incense as Louie continues to cough up a lung, a heart, a kidney, a spleen, Jimmy Hoffa, another lung, and possibly his colon from the sound of it. Dan and Jordan are on their way up as the Detectives get their clue. Dan notes the absence of Steve and Allie. "They might have did the other one, or they're lost," Michael guesses. Not that the two are mutually exclusive.

It's the former, but Allie is so intimidated by the sight of the giant flags that she says she can't do it even before trying. They make a couple of tries at balancing the flagpoles on their foreheads while standing in one spot, but give up and leave the park even before taking a step with the flags. And now, when they try to return to the cab, it's gone. "I'm so mad we came here!" Allie says as they run off in search of another taxi. What was it she said about being faster without their backpacks?

Cord is now wearing Jet's hat on top of his own as Jet continues smashing coconuts. Finally Jet gets a pink one and heads over to the table. "I'm not really crafty," he admits in an interview, in a deadpan way that kind of cracks me up. But he gets started sprinkling flower petals on one of the mini-rafts, telling the surrounding spectators, "This is my first time with arts and crafts."

Allie finds a new taxi, and they climb in. "It's gong to be a long day, just hang in there," Steve tells her. The reason it's going to be a long day is because it's taking them so much time to get to the end of the leg.

Brent and Caite's driver is taking them into what looks like someone's driveway. Caite thinks this is wrong, and Brent impatiently snaps that they're just going to check. "Don't freak out on me," she says. But he has to admit they're in the wrong place. Screw this house! And screw the people who live here, too, if they have wrong opinions.

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