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Karen and Linda get to the clam task, worrying about how sure they are that Colin and Christie are somewhere right behind them. Sure enough, Colin and Christie have arrived at the right flag, and are retrieving their clue. They head for the clams, as we watch Linda locate a clam and dive for it. As the Moms are leaving, Colin and Christie are arriving, and Colin notes how close it is. Unfortunately, when the Moms read the "vertigo" clue, they don't know what it means, either. Man, I've seen some people who needed foreign language dictionaries on the race before, but never so many people who just needed the regular kind. They agree, however, that Karen will do it. Karen and Linda urge their driver to go "quickly, quickly" as Colin and Christie snorkel it up. In the boat, Linda is excited to know that they're still carrying a big lead into what is probably the last task of the last elimination leg.

When Chip spies the ropes that go up the wall, he is just a little intimidated. "God, do we have to climb up there?" he wonders. He interviews that when he first saw the climb, he was rather concerned. "I was just freaking out," he says. Brandon, too, finds the height of the climb to be of concern, despite Nicole's helpful comment: "You're going to do great." He explains to us that he's not crazy about heights, but that he just put his head down and resolved to go. Because it's not like passing it off to Nicole is an option, you know? As he and Chip try to get the hang of the ascender, Nicole cackles to herself. "Ha-haaa, Chip hasn't left yet," she snorts. I'd really like to see her do something before she spends quite this much energy on mockery of a guy like Chip who has taken on almost every physical challenge in the entire race. She's all, "Use those muscles, you sexy thing!" to Brandon, which I'd like to find cute, except that she's just really, really working my nerves as we get toward the end here. Chip does start to make his way up the rope, trailing Brandon somewhat.

Linda and Karen head for the wall. Colin and Christie snorkel. They have a tougher time because (I believe) of the four clams, only one now has a clue in it, so they have to do a little more looking. Anxiously, as they fly across the water, Linda asks Karen whether she sees Colin and Christie, and Karen spins around and says no. You can tell that they're really, really trying not to get excited, and that they really, really want to. Colin, however, is just now finding his clue.

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