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Brandon works his way up on the ascender. Chip does the same. We get a spot-shadow on Chip and Brandon so that we can see how Brandon is quite a little stretch ahead of Chip by this point. As Kim watches Chip, she says she doesn't think Chip really has the feel of the ascender, and I agree. Nicole chortles about the hard time Chip is having. Again, LET'S SEE YOU DO IT. Jesus. And then she adds a snotty little "That's what you get, Chip." It still amazes me that she could possibly act like this over the foiling of her efforts not to do her own work. I mean, if you think about it, even if she can't pull herself up with her pure upper body strength, she could certainly do things like hop off the boat to check the clue. It's not her reluctance to do the big things that bugs, it's her reluctance to even do half of the little things. Whatever. She bugs me. Kim calls out encouragement to Chip, who pauses on the rope and says to himself, "I'm just tired." Brandon continues to work his way up, as Nicole comments that it looks really tiring. "I feel bad I don't do anything," she grins in a way she thinks is adorable. "I won't feel so bad when I have that check in my hand!" she chirps. Mm-hmm. Go ahead, dearie. Count that money.

Chip asks Jesus for help. Brandon gets near the top, and Nicole says, as if it somehow reflects on her, "He's so good! I mean, come on. There's just no competition." And there's no competition for her in the competition to be Loveliest Accessory. In a way, I even prefer Christie, because...damn, at least she seems invested in what they're doing. Nicole is spending way too much time just being pulled along from one place to another. On the other hand, Christie is kind of mean and scary. It's a toss-up.

Colin and Christie pull the Roadblock clue. They at least act like they know what vertigo is, so that's good anyway. Linda and Karen are now approaching the wall, noticing how it appears to be a very tough climb, judging in part from the visible figure of Chip, dangling from the rope. Brandon, doing better, gets to the top and receives his clue, and he's told to read it when he gets down to the bottom. As Brandon drops down the rope, he passes Chip. "Hi, B-Dawg," Chip says as he rests on the rope. "Keep going, Chipper," Brandon says. And with that, Chip and Brandon have made up. Exhibit A in Why Being Friends With Guys Has Its Advantages. It has its disadvantages when it comes to Talking About Your Feelings Without Simultaneously Playing Nintendo Or Comparing Everything To Something From A Comic Book, but when it comes to ending fights? It's a breeze. At the bottom, Brandon and Nicole open their clue as they, and Kim, note the approach of the Moms. Kim is happy, however, to continue not to see Colin and Christie. Up on the rope, Chip mutters his notice of the approaching Moms. Nicole reads the clue that sends her and Brandon to a two-person kayak to paddle themselves to the next pit stop. Phil explains that the last team to get there will be Philiminated.

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