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Chip and Kim start the hike. Colin and Christie make it to the top of the hill and hit the clue box. The clue tells them to get to the base of the Olympic cauldron. As Phil explains, this is an 80-mile trek to Canada Olympic Park. There, they'll find the cauldron and get their next clue. As Colin and Christie start down, Brandon and Nicole get to the top. They get their clue and start back down.

As Colin and Christie head down, they pass Chip and Kim, and of course, Colin has to show off by doing a somersault and yelling and that sort of thing. As Kim points out, this is pretty obviously Colin's clever attempt to rub Chip and Kim's noses in it, which is fine. Because...well, Christie explained karma so well back in the Philippines that I really can't improve on her description.

Colin and Christie, then Brandon and Nicole, reach the bottom of the snow hike. They get un-shoed, and we return to the struggling Chip and Kim. Kim pauses at one point, a bit ahead of Chip, and says, "I've got to wait for my husband. We've got some catching up to do." She goes on to say that she's doing her part to lead, and that she'll do what it takes to win the money.

Colin is entirely too friendly with his cab driver, and does too much hand-slapping for a consumer transaction, really. He tells the guy about going to Olympic Park, and Brandon and Nicole get a cab just behind them. I like how their driver calls Brandon "dude." It's like he can tell.

Chip and Kim complete the hike, and she pulls the clue. We switch back to watch the two lead teams in their taxis, headed for Olympic Park. As Chip and Kim go back down the mountain, she comments, "That was too rough for some forty-and-over people to do." They get out and decide to call for a cab. It appears there isn't one handy, as there were when the other teams came down. They do apparently get a cab eventually, but it's hard to say how far behind they are by this point.

It's dusk as Colin and Christie arrive at Olympic Park. They pull the clue at the cauldron, and it's the week's Detour. Phil tells us that the choice this week is between Slide and Ride. Both are runs on timed Olympic courses. Slide is the two-person luge, and Ride is a mountain bike down a ski slope. I didn't even know you could ride a bike down a ski slope, unless you're a drunk fraternity pledge. Colin immediately says -- I think absolutely correctly -- that the bikes will be "very difficult," and that he wants to go for the luge, which they do. The interesting thing is that the luge is promoted as being scarier, but I actually think the bikes would be at least as scary, with much more falling. He also notes that Brandon and Nicole are just behind them. Which they are.

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