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Chip and Kim get ready for round two on the luge. Aaaand once again, they wipe out. He insists, as they head back to the start, that they're going to "do this doggone thing."

Colin walks around the airport pushing a luggage cart (you know, intensely), talking about how they've been the first team to every step of this leg, but that the only thing that matters is who crosses the finish line first. So you would think they'd be double-checking and triple-checking every aspect of this last step, wouldn't you?

Outside, Brandon and Nicole are arriving. Inside, they get the same information and get tickets on American 848. Colin then talks to the camera about how he thinks that a huge part of the game will be having the fastest taxi, so his plan is to call and arrange for a taxi to be waiting at the airport with the trunk open when they get there, so that they'll know they have that part sewn up. And...I sort of can't stand him, but it's a very good idea, and he's right that it could wind up mattering quite a bit.

Kim, proving that there's a very good reason she's in the top three, doesn't lose her shit, but just asks the luge guy to remind them how to steer, which he does. And...what do you know? This time, it works. Chip and Kim cross the finish line with about a second to spare. Thank goodness. I did not want them to get the Guido edit while attempting the luge for the four hundredth time, shredded down jackets and raw, scraped faces showing the signs of the many failed attempts that came before. They get the Dallas clue and take off for the airport.

Brandon and Nicole decide to leave the airport, having booked on 848 from Calgary to Dallas, and they head for the airport hotel where the teams are apparently being put up for the night. Colin and Christie are back there, too, and Colin is on the phone arranging for that taxi he was talking about. He says he needs a very good, very fast driver. Somewhere, the taxi company throws another hunk of buffalo meat into Earl's cage and the Earlkeeper says, "Tomorrow, my pretty, tomorrow."

Chip and Kim arrive at the airport in Calgary. Chip's voice-over suggests that they believe -- or at least that they believed at this point -- that they had "blown [their] chance at winning the race."

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Colin and Christie and Brandon and Nicole decide to take a bunch of their stuff and put it in boxes and check it, so that they don't have to carry it in Dallas. So they take some cartons, drop in everything they think they don't need, and tape up the boxes. Those are going to turn out to be some very expensive socks they've saved, so I hope they like them a whole lot.

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