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At the airport, Kim is on the phone, learning of the existence of the direct flight from Calgary to Dallas, American 848. But -- "Wait a second," she asks, "so what happened?" As it turns out, the fog that Colin and Christie were noting when they got to the airport prevented their intended plane from coming into Calgary last night. Thus, 848 is delayed -- not a little, but a lot. It's delayed almost three hours. "This changes everything," Kim says with a little smile as she gets off the phone. As she approaches Chip, she notes that not only is the flight delayed, but the other teams might not know it's delayed. An excited Chip makes the next phone call, explaining that they're looking into purchasing the next best option, because what was the best option in theory is not the best option in practice. He finds an route with United that will get him into Dallas at 1:06 PM, connecting in Denver. And because the American flight isn't leaving until 9:50 AM, it's apparently not getting into Dallas until almost 3:00, Dallas time. As Chip and Kim arrive back at the hotel, Chip says that his old days of sharing information are over. Well, I would think. They get to the airport lounge, and all they have to say is that they're so glad to see everyone! Brandon merrily and obliviously notes that they're all together, all on the same flight to Dallas. Chip, who really does need to work on his poker face, relaxes in a chair, saying that he's "just chillin' like a villain." If anyone had been paying any attention, they could have noticed from that one comment that Chip very obviously believes he's got a leg up. Chip does not know how to swallow his exuberance.

The next morning at 4:15, as the rest of the teams sleep, Chip and Kim sneak out of the airport hotel, while finger-snapping spy music plays in the background. (Crowd: "Woooooo!") At the airport, Kim notes that she'd rather not be standing at the United counter when everybody gets there, but that they still need to check in. It looks like their flight leaves Calgary at 6:55 AM, so they're probably too early to check in yet, but they're probably hoping to hit the counter as soon as it opens. Chip comments that if this works out, he will be a happy man, and he's "lickin' chops and praisin' God." Heh.

Brandon and Nicole leave their hotel, carrying the boxes they plan to check. When they get to the airport, they pass Chip and Kim and say good morning, and then head to the American counter. "Your flight is delayed today," the ticket agent tells them. He explains about the fog, and how the plane didn't come in last night. Nicole asks for a different flight, and the guy says he'll check to see if anybody else can get them there faster. As Chip and Kim check in, Brandon pulls, from the back closet of his blond head, that there should be a flight getting in at 1:06 PM on United. The ticket agent confirms that there is that flight, with the Denver connection, but that Calgary-Denver is completely full. As Chip and Kim check in, they learn indeed that not only is their flight full, it's a bit oversold. Brandon next learns that not only is there nothing to Denver, but that there's nothing Denver to Dallas available either, so Chip and Kim managed to get seats on both of those flights just before they both filled up. As Nicole returns from investigating Chip and Kim's situation, Brandon asks her if they have tickets. "Yep," she says unhappily.

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