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United, We Fly Standby

And here come Colin and Christie. Heee hee hee. They spy Brandon and Nicole at the United counter. "What the hell are they doing over there?" an edgy Colin wonders. Christie walks up to the guy at the counter. "Is this flight delayed?" she asks. Told that it is, she turns on her heel. She and Colin mutter unhappily as they stomp over toward United, where Nicole is in the process of trying to get on both the standby list for Calgary-Denver and the standby list for Denver-Dallas. She and Brandon break the news to Colin and Christie that Chip and Kim have tickets to Dallas on United, and that both parts of that flight are sold out.

As Chip and Kim head for the flight, Colin is back at the counter cursing himself for not having called United. Chip interviews that this is a mistake on Colin's part that, in his sharper days, he would not have made. Chip comments that "this actually could be the break of the whole race." And I agree. Christie, in line with Colin at United, says, "We probably all just lost." "We're done," Brandon agrees. It's amazing, because...I've seen people say that so many times, and I don't think I've ever seen it be...sort of true before.

Commercials. I am not watching Judging Amy, condemned building or no condemned building.

Back at the airport, Brandon and Nicole and Colin and Christie are still angling for a better option to Dallas. They seem to receive information suggesting that if they could get on the United flight from Calgary to Denver, they could fly American from Denver to Dallas and get in at 1:24, only about twenty minutes after Chip and Kim. They make that arrangement, and now they just need to get themselves to Denver. Down at the gate, Chip asks if Brandon and Nicole got on the flight, and Brandon reveals that the other teams are both on standby. This makes Chip happy. Meanwhile, Christie sniffles at the United counter that she just lost a million dollars. See, there's this thing called karma...oh, never mind.

Like the gate agent ex machina, the United lady suddenly announces that they've managed to move some folks off to allow these two teams -- eight people, counting crew -- to get on this supposedly oversold flight. However, they remain on standby on United from Denver to Dallas. Their reservations are on American from Denver to Dallas, with that twenty-minute lag behind Chip and Kim.

And at this point, Colin and Christie and Brandon and Nicole make a fateful choice, which is to check their bags through to Dallas, in spite of the fact that they still hope to change their flights in Denver. It's an easy mistake to make. It really is. But if you're thinking, you'd remember that security is very tight on checked bags these days, and you have to travel with your stuff. They don't let you put your bags on one plane and then switch to another plane. Colin in his sharper days would probably have come up with at least remembering to ask about that, if you ask me. But I'm telling you, Chip and Kim are right -- he hasn't been the same since the Yield and, of course, the ox.

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