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United, We Fly Standby

Chip, meanwhile, notes that it's "a bitch" that everybody got on his flight to Denver. Nicole explains the situation in case you've fallen behind: they're on Chip and Kim's first flight, but they're on standby for Chip and Kim's second flight; confirmed on a slightly later one. While relaxing -- to the degree he can -- on the first flight, Colin notes that it will be a race between him and Christie and Brandon and Nicole to get to the gate for the second United flight and get the first position on the standby list.

The flight lands in Denver. Colin and Christie and Brandon and Nicole both head for the gate where Chip and Kim's United flight will be leaving. As they walk up to the counter, Colin thinks he's going to charm the gate agent, so he's all, "Let me talk," and then he calls the gate agent by the name on her tag, which is "Wendy." "How are you doing, Wendy?" he asks. Wendy sees Colin coming a mile away. Maybe two miles away. He tells her they're desperately trying to get on the 10:15 to Dallas. She tells him it's oversold, and he tells her he knows that. Brandon and Nicole come up to the same counter and start working the same angle. Wendy has a problem, though. "Their bags," she explains to someone who appears to be a supervisor, "are tagged on American on a later flight." In other words, the bags are already headed for the American flight from Denver to Dallas. Both teams try to make it clear that they don't care about the bags, but it's explained to them that security regulations require you to travel with your stuff, so they aren't eligible to be on standby for a different flight. Nicole gets pushy, but there ain't no point in pushy when you're talking about an FAA regulation.

The United flight is getting ready to leave, and Chip and Kim are on it. Everybody else? Not so much. Colin and Christie take off running to at least make their connection on American, but Brandon stays behind to argue. Eventually the guy tells him that if he's smart, he'll "high-tail it over to American" before he misses the flight he still has a chance to get on. Defeated, Brandon and Nicole run for the American gate. They, followed by Brandon and Nicole, do at least make this one. They're aware that they'll have about twenty minutes to make up, but Colin thinks they can do it. As Colin and Christie board, she snots that you can count on Chip and Kim to make a mistake, and Colin snots back that they're only "ten minutes" ahead, by which he means "more like twenty." "Those darn bags," Brandon says as they board. Hee.

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