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3:54 AM. The Moms leave. Linda voices over that they're happy about being the last women's team in the race, and they're not even stuck at the bottom. She wants to "win this damn thing." She's certainly got the perk for it. They initially see no taxi. Of course, now the screaming fails them.

3:57 AM. Brandon and Nicole. As they leave, Brandon voices over that he's happy they're still in it, and then Nicole interviews that that kind of talk drives her crazy, because she didn't come here to finish third. No, sirree. She came here to win, and if Brandon isn't going to show a little more drive, she might have to start doing Roadblocks herself. Don't think she won't do it, either. They hop in a cab. The Moms get a cab, too.

4:02 AM. Not leaving very far behind everyone else, here go the trailing Colin and Christie. He makes a painfully weak joke about how someone evidently forgot to put their $17 in the envelope (yes, it's a $17 payout they're missing, so...big whoop), after which you can almost see Colin looking at the camera guy like he's supposed to laugh. (Camera guy: "[Sound of camera whirring].") Colin and Christie go. Colin interviews, as they grab a cab, that Chip and Kim, the team they helped the most, turned out to be the team that caused them to fall behind and lose their money. He repeats the already-old crap about how Chip and Kim "stabbed [them] in the back" and so forth. I think when they put up a picture that says "Courtesy Of" and has their smiling little faces on it, that actually qualifies as a stab in the front, but whatever. Colin says that he wants to show that even though Chip and Kim Yielded them, he and Christie can still beat them. And that part is understandable. He always comes much too late to the sane part of every rant. On the other hand...don't we all. "Revenge would be sweet," he adds in the cab. You know what else is sweet? Class. "Sweet," however, does not translate to "likely." In other news, I think Colin's khakis and Christie's Tex-ass shorts are capable of running the rest of the leg without them, because how ripe must those suckers be? Oy.

Chip and Kim turn in at the park. They run to the statue and pull the next clue, which tells them to catch one of two charter flights to El Nido. The flights will leave at 10:45 AM and 11:30 AM, each holding two teams. And assuming that none of my nightmares about teeny planes come true, the charter flights will arrive in El Nido as scheduled. There, teams will have to get to a boat dock and choose a marked boat. The driver will take them out to a buoy to find a clue. Chip and Kim get back into their taxi and head for the airfield.

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