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Brandon and Nicole pull up to the statue next for their clue. As they're leaving, Linda and Karen are showing up, and Brandon and Nicole are further sure that Colin and Christie can't be too far behind. Indeed, just as Linda and Karen are leaving, Colin and Christie are showing up. "Faster, faster," Linda urges their driver, as she fans herself with her clue like a swooning southern belle. The really sad thing is that their driver barely misses an opportunity to run over Colin. ("Seeee myyyy pumps? They were grumps! And I hit them like speed bumps!") Right on their heels, Colin is telling his driver the same thing -- "Fast, fast fast!"

Chip and Kim arrive at the charter and are the first to sign up. (TARcon crowd: "Woooooo!") Kim voices over that signing up for the first charter flight felt very good. She's just hoping that Colin and Christie will have to take the second flight. Chip even gives a little "Yeeeeah, baby" as they talk about it. He's getting excited, heh. As the other three teams approach the airport, Nicole is urging her driver to hurry up, Linda and Karen are happy about how fast theirs is going, and Colin thinks his guy is just plain good. Apparently, taxi karma does not spread around the world for everyone the way it has for some people.

And the first team of these three to arrive at the counter is Brandon and Nicole, who snag the second spot on the plane with Chip and Kim. Linda and Karen come close behind them, but are disappointed to see that they will be battling it out with Colin and Christie on the second flight, as they feared. When Colin and Christie arrive, they too are disappointed -- but not surprised -- to see that they're still in fourth position. The teams all rattle around in the waiting area staring miserably at each other, Christie observing that their fifteen-minute lag time behind the first-place team has now become forty-five minutes. "I know," he says unhappily. Ah, yes. The ever-popular anti-bunch.

Later that morning, Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole hop on the 10:45 AM charter. Brandon swears he's "not counting any chickens before they hatch." (As opposed to eating chickens before they hatch, which is the new pastime at the have-I-mentioned- the-sucking Survivor Vanuatu.) My favorite part, though, is how Chip and Kim are holding hands across the aisle of the little plane. Aw. Kim says it's "a blessing" that they've been able to "take Christie and Colin off their game."

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