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Off their game and back on their heels indeed, Colin and Christie share the second flight at 11:30 AM with the Bowling Moms. Linda voices over that the leg will amount to a race between them and Colin and Christie to avoid being eliminated, and you know she doesn't think that's good news. Christie, for her part, voices over that she and Colin are "very close to being eliminated." Tense music! People looking out the windows! Can you stand it? BRRRUMP!

Commercials. Oh, Rob Lowe. If you needed money...well, never mind. You actually couldn't have asked me.

The first plane approaches El Nido, with the second not far behind. And with two Amazing Yellow Lines to make sure you do not become confused. At 11:45 AM, the first flight lands, to the greeting of happy music and frolicking locals. Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole actually share a jeepney to El Nido harbor, which is where they're headed next. As Chip looks out the windows all wide-eyed, Nicole comments on how "amazing" El Nido is. She's charmed by a little Baptist church (or "mosque thing"), and by the huge mountains that surround the town. Does Nicole have...lipstick on? My goodness. And here the teams are, pulling up to the marked boats in the harbor. They split up and pile into two power boats, with their drivers heading for the buoy. Brandon and Nicole get out with a very slight lead.

At 12:20, the second charter lands. The teams run to catch jeepneys, and...inside her vehicle, Linda is shrieking. As usual. They go zooming off from the parking lot, neck-and-neck. They remain in a tight battle as they head toward the harbor, both teams hassling their drivers to hurry up. As these things tend to go, Colin and Christie manage to squeeze out a lead by the time they get to the pier.

Elsewhere, Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole reach the buoy in their boats. The clue tells them to use their binoculars to find the three nearby islands that are marked with flags. Only one of the flags is the actual national flag of the Philippines. They're to go to that island, where they'll find a clue. But if they pick the wrong island, they'll have to try again. The travel time between islands is about twenty minutes, so you really don't want to guess wrong. Man, if only I had paid more attention during the flag unit in fourth-grade social studies. Oh, and, as Phil explains, there's no asking for help from your boat driver, smarties, so don't try anything. Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole peer at the islands looking for flags, and -- brilliantly -- Brandon is looking having taken only one of the lens caps off the binoculars. So they're monoculars, in his case. My favorite part is how they want to make sure you don't miss Brandon's screw-up, so they use a shot supposedly through the binoculars (not) that looks just like the typical "two circles" faked-up binoculars shot, except that...there's only one circle. Hee hee. Editors are funny, and by the end of the season, they don't like these people very much, either. Chip and Kim don't know which flag is for the Philippines, but they pick one and go, which is all they can do. Brandon and Nicole decide to follow.

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