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Meanwhile, in his boat, Chip comments unhappily that he's already got Colin despising him, "so why not try to do a pair, and then we'll do three of a kind?" he wonders. Oh, the poker of hating. Remember, Chip: if you can get three men and two women to hate you, it's a full house. Or five people from the same reality show is a flush. Uh, for example. If you were hated by people from various reality shows, which I'm not saying I necessarily am.

Speaking of hate, Colin and Christie are arriving at the buoy right now. Christie chuckles her "I have no idea what the national flag of the Philippines is" chuckle as she reads the clue. Linda and Karen pull their clue off the buoy as well. They wind up following Colin and Christie, whom they can see heading for one of the islands. Colin starts to get frustrated that he and Christie don't have a travel book that would show the flag. "If we had a travel guide, are you kidding me?" he gripes. At first, I thought he meant a "guide" in the sense of a person, and I was really wondering exactly how much gear he expected to be included along with the clue envelope, but he apparently means a book. Hey, I was drinking a little bit at the time.

Chip and Kim find the flag on the shoreline that will lead them to the clam task. As they read it and start to put on their snorkel stuff, Brandon and Nicole are right behind them. As Brandon voices over, this is the first time the teams have seen each other since Chip told his big lie. Brandon then voices over that if Chip wants to play the game that way (with the lying), that's fine; it's just not Brandon's "style." Right. Because really, you don't have to lie if you're the mooch and not the mooched-upon. Brandon adds that he won't trust Chip again, which I suspect is actually okay with Chip, if it means "I will not attempt to follow Chip and avoid doing my own work." In fact, I would say that was kind of Chip and Kim's point. I don't really think Chip is going to beg Brandon to continue following him.

As Chip and Kim put their flippers on, Kim points out that she doesn't swim, and Chip tells her just to paddle around, then. ["Oh, so Kim's of no use on this task, then. What a surprise." -- Wing Chun] Chip adds in a voice-over that they actually have a swimming pool, but that she still doesn't swim. I'm kind of amazed that she did the sledging, if that's the case. Similarly, Brandon goes into the water with great gusto, but Nicole is kind of fiddling with her snorkel mask prettily, as if she's trying to get it nice and snug without messing up her hair. She looks partly like a beauty queen and partly like an ostrich. When she finally gets out into the water with everybody else, Nicole does manage to find a clam, but she's not going to go under for it, so she just bobs up and down at the top of the water and yells for Brandon that she found one. As she bobs, however, she also calls for help, and then calls for help again. Chip is swimming nearby, and swims over to her. As he explains in the voice-over, she sounded like she needed help, and he wasn't just going to let her drown. "Are you okay?" he asks her. She says yes, and voices over that she knew Chip was just there to snatch their clue away. "Hey, Chip, beat it," Brandon snarls. Chip protests that he wasn't bothering Nicole, he was just checking on her. But honestly, Chip could have and should have grabbed the clue, and that would have been perfectly fair and just. The task isn't to see the clam, it's to grab the clue out of it. If Nicole is going to float around uselessly at the top of the water and refuse to dive for the thing, then if somebody else is nearby who is willing to dive for it, that's entirely appropriate. In that sense, if you're not going to dive for it, you might be better off just to float around and not be a clue-locating beacon, because you're as likely to help another team as you are your partner.

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