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But anyway, Brandon dives under the water and gets the clue Nicole found. Chip and Kim them find themselves a clam and they also locate the clue. Both teams get out of the water and read about the Roadblock. As Phil explains, the Roadblock will involve pulling yourself 150 feet up the side of a cliff using an ascender. The ascender is kind of hard to explain, but it involves pulling yourself straight up a rope, and from the looks of it, you have to pull up with your arms, and then you can kinda push up with your feet. It's a fairly undignified motion, if you don't like looking like you're practicing airborne squats. When you're at the top, you get a clue and rappel back down to the bottom to your partner. The problem Brandon and Nicole run into is that the clue for the Roadblock just says, "Have vertigo? Don't go." When they read it, Brandon turns to Nicole and says, "What's vertigo?" She looks surprised that he would even ask her. "I don't know," she says impatiently. "But you're doing it, right?" Pfft. First of all, "vertigo" is not a hard word. That's embarrassing. How do they understand the warning labels on prescription medications? Second of all, it's brilliant that she doesn't know what the clue means, but she knows Brandon has to do it. What if "vertigo" was "fluffy hair"? Chip and Kim read the Roadblock and determine that Chip will do it. ["Another shocker!" -- Wing Chun] Nicole, meanwhile, whines, "There's no way I can beat Chip at anything!" Goodness. You can tell Nicole's Killer Fatigue is festering, because she just did not used to be that defeatist. She used to be sort of sunny and positive, remember? Both teams hop into their boats to head for the climbing wall.

Colin and Christie are searching for flags. Colin notices that one of the flags has a clue box next to it, as if the planners are so stupid that they would only put a clue box next to the right flag. He hops out of the boat and runs up to the flag. Unfortunately for him, this is not the correct flag. Interestingly, even though they see Colin and Christie leaving, and even though Colin tells them it's not the right flag, Linda still hops out to check the clue for the Moms, anticipating the Chip Maneuver even when it's not actually underway. When they see it's not the right one and they're back out in the water, Linda makes the very good call that they should head for the other island besides the one Colin and Christie are going to. It's the right choice, because as Colin himself points out on his boat, if the Moms follow Colin and Christie and they guess right, then the Moms will still be behind them. If Colin and Christie have guessed wrong, then the Moms will make up a big chunk of time. Because they're not interested in a last-minute foot race to the finish line with Colin and Christie, I think this was the right thing for the Moms to do. Colin runs down this logic in an interview that's surprisingly cogent for a guy I still expect to start foaming at the mouth and chanting "Redrum, redrum" at any moment. Honestly, of all the stuff I believe about this team, including that he's got a terrible temper, he's obnoxious to the locals, and some other major malfunctions, I don't really believe they're as cocky as they sometimes seem. That was a fairly lengthy uncut clip of Colin explaining the Bowling Moms' strategy, and there wasn't a lick of "they're screwed because we're so much better." He just said that if the Moms followed him, he'd probably stay ahead of them. He doesn't discount them at all, at least in the part we saw. Like I said, I think he's an ass, but I think the cocky aspect isn't as bad as it looks from, for instance, Christie's "the other teams suuuuuck" comment (about which, I will tease you right now, I will have something to say in the party recap).

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