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Elizabeth has no interest in living or dying based on information from THAT woman, but everyone knows she will do whatever it takes to catch Emmett and Leanne's killer and Phillip barely has to nudge her in the right direction before they are arguing over who will take on the challenge of befriending Brad Mullen, seaman recruiter.

At the Soviet Embassy, Oleg wants an update on whether they will be recruiting Baklanov, the Jewish physicist. Arkady tells him that the Center assessed the situation and won't be recruiting him. Oleg completely disagrees with that assessment and thinks they are missing out on an important opportunity to get a scientist and his radar research working for their team. Arkady tells him to get over it, but that seems unlikely to happen. Oleg harrumphs some more about the decision to drop the recruitment campaign and Arkady patronizingly tells him that he wishes he could let him read the Center's decision for himself, but since he doesn't have the security clearance, there's nothing he can do. Then he shuts his door in Oleg's face. Oleg glowers for a moment and then goes to make a phone call.

At FBI HQ, Stan spies his boss making a beeline for the elevator. He chases after him to make sure everything is okay, but it's not. The boss tells him that since Stan killed the KGB agent and the stupid American government is insisting on oversight, there are going to be repercussions on the ground. He's getting "layered," which he explains is "bureaucratese" for him getting a boss. Someone is being brought in over him to make sure Stan doesn't kill any more KGB agents, a fact that would surely warm the cockles of Nina's (and Phillip's and Elizabeth's) heart if she knew about it. Stan feels bad that his actions caused a problem for his boss, but whatcha gonna do when a nutball has a gun aimed at ya? Not much. His boss tells him not to worry about it, because government oversight happens.

Now we head to Virginia Beach, VA for a little espionage via classical music. Elizabeth is in a record shop wearing a brunette bob wig and is rocking out to Beethoven (which she manages not to pronounce like she's seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 47 times) as she makes eyes at Brad Mullen, seaman recruiter and noted classical music fan. She "accidentally" bumps into him on the way out of the listening booth and gigglingly explains that she just wasn't that into the album she was listening to. Since iTunes genius playlists won't exist for many more years, Mullen has to actually offer advice and she has to listen instead of rolling her eyes and heading to Spotify. He tells her that she might like the Mozart album and instead of telling the player to slow his roll, she asks if they can listen to it together in the record store's listening booth. He seems surprised that a woman instead of a seaman is paying attention to him but goes for it. They crank up the Mozart and smile at each other.

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