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Back in the D.C. 'burbs, Stan and Phillip are unwinding at a bar after a long day at work. Stan -- who has clearly had a few too many -- is recounting what it's like to kill a man and Phillip is doing a good job pretending to clutch his pearls at the very notion of even the idea of having to kill a man. After Stan's drunken shock and awe campaign against his drinking buddy sinks in, he realizes that he is dominating the conversation and awkwardly segues to asking Phillip about how the whole travel agent thing is going. Phillip offers some lamely tame story about booking tours for Stan's plumber friends. After that story, Stan decides it's enough Phillip Time and blurts out that he's having an affair. Phillip mutters something about how we're all human and promises to keep it to himself while totally planning to blackmail Stan if necessary. Stan sighs that it would be impossible for him to be with his lady love permanently and when Phillip asks why, it looks like Stan is about to admit that he's dating a Russkie, but instead makes up something about her being married. Phillip nods knowingly.

At the Rezidentura, Oleg is finally getting his way. He knocks on Arkady's office door and is invited in only to be ignored by the man with a thought bubble floating over his head that reads: "Eff you in your dumb face, you big suck up daddy's boy dum-dum." Arkady eventually stops what he's doing and goes to fetch a file for Oleg, handing it to him with a very insincere, "Congratulations on your new security clearance." Oleg pretends he totally respects Arkady and wasn't trying to step on his toes. Arkady smirks that he wishes he had family ties to pull on to move up in the chain of command, because it's "very western." As the two men try their best not to strangle each other, Arkady recounts a tale of the humble beginnings of a Soviet leader and Oleg rolls his eyes without actually rolling his eyes, which would probably get him repatriated. Speaking of repatriated, now that he has the security clearance to be taken seriously, Oleg really thinks they need to consider forcibly repatriating the physicist. Arkady smirks that of course they should repatriate him. That's why they are already doing it. Oleg looks taken aback while Arkady revels in feeling smug.

After yelling at Henry about lusting after capitalist goods, specifically Intellivision, and sending him running after his sister, Phillip tells Paige that Stan finally told him about his affair. She's impressed! He also tells her that they are going after the physicist when she is done trying to reel in Mullen. Plus she has to find time to run the travel agency and, you know, run a household and raise a family. Being a spy sure is a full time job!

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The Americans




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