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We Need to Talk

Martha is chugging wine and filling out job applications and leaving messages for Clark. She needs to talk to him pronto, because her application is due tomorrow and she needs to include her marital status and her husband's name and she isn't going to perjure herself on the form, but she knows that Clark doesn't want her to tell anyone about their marriage. She needs to talk to him. She hangs up and fills out the paperwork.

"Clark" is a little busy right now, Martha. He and his wife are trying to kidnap a physicist and it's not going so well. They managed to grab the man, knock him out and shove him into the trunk of their car, but just as they are about to make a clean getaway, another couple emerges from the shadows and starts to battle them over the physicist's incapacitated body. Without knowing who they are, Phillip and Elizabeth rumble with them in the streets. Phillip manages to knock out the woman, but takes his attention off of her when he notices that Elizabeth is about to murder the male assailant. He goes to slow her roll, which is when the female attacker comes to, slips in to the driver's seat of the car and drives off with the physicist in the trunk, stranding Phillip and Elizabeth with the nearly dead guy and no scientist. They stare at the car's headlights knowing that they screwed up, but having no idea what just happened.

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The Americans




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