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At a diner, Philip is goggling at the Teen Vogue knockoff that Paige is reading (Girls' World, with Nancy McKeon in Facts of Life garb on the cover!). Philip is realizing Paige duped him into buying it for her when she knows her mother won't approve. Paige is like, "You could just not tell," but Philip says she'll know, somehow. "Maternal ESP," says a kindly older lady sitting in a booth over Philip's shoulder. It's Margo Martindale, so we know she's important. She's also wearing stewardess hair and a stewardess scarf tied around her neck, but maybe that's just more '80s stuff. She compliments Philip on his lovely daughter, and he's weirded out but polite about it. He doesn't have time to dwell on it, though, because he spots something in the newspaper that is awfully troubling.

We don't find out what until he meets up with Elizabeth later at the travel agency. It's a coded classified ad -- a signal -- from Robert. Who's Robert? Well, I've been calling him Cuteski, but I guess that's gonna have to stop. R.I.P. Cuteski, again. "He's been dead for two weeks," Elizabeth says, providing the kind of penetrating insight that has kept the Jenningses at the top of the espionage game all these years. Regardless, someone is sending this message, requesting a meet up tomorrow in Philadelphia. He tells her to "put Gregory on it." Guessing that's not a metaphor.

Unless maybe it is? Maybe to "put Gregory on it" means to saunter into a housing project courtyard as the only white lady for three square miles. Everybody's looking at her funny -- like she's a FOREIGNER IN A STRANGE LAND, perhaps -- until she gets to a table where Derek Luke is playing chess against some rando (not Laurence Fishburne, though wouldn't that have been amazing). He knows her. He's Gregory. "Look what the cat dragged in," he says with a smile. "Look at the cat," she returns. A+ banter, comrade! He sends his chess buddy away and offers her a cigarette, which she politely turns down. "I'm trying to be good," she says. "It doesn't suit you," he returns. She suggests they talk inside. Yeah, so the blazing white light of their flirting doesn't attract attention.

Well, well, well. Look what haystack produced a needle. Agent John-Boy comes to Stan and Chris with a printout of a Pennsylvania driver's license for one Robert Owen McKenzie. Chris notes that his address puts him on one of the shittiest blocks in the state. The whole state? Even Lancaster? Even Scranton? Even Erie? Agent John-Boy tells Stan that since he "caught the fish," he now gets to "gut it and cook it." Fun metaphors from Agent John-Boy. Stan says they'll put a surveillance team together.

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