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Philadelphia Freedom

Philip exits to the kitchen to clean off his glasses where Joyce can't see him out of his disguise, lest she glean his secret identity as Superman. "How's she doing?" Gregory asks him. Philip starts to answer about Joyce, but of course Gregory meant Elizabeth. He shuts the door, so you know it's time for some man-conversation. "Do you love her?" Gregory asks. Up until now, Philip has been quite friendly with Gregory. I think it's taken him entirely by surprise that Gregory is interested in her. He stares Gregory down and doesn't answer, so Gregory goes into a long story about how he and Elizabeth met while rabble-rousing for civil rights causes. "We just clicked," he says, which has gotta be tough for Philip to hear, since his biggest sin with Elizabeth is that they never clicked.

Anyway, after Gregory actually says out loud "She was recruiting me for the KGB," thus catching up the slower viewers (he also calls the KGB "America's number-one enemy," so now we're REALLY caught up), he says that it used to be him and her against the world, willing to sacrifice their lives and families for a cause. Having been giving a fat softball right over the plate, Philip clenches that Gregory doesn't have a family to give up. "Family" being Philip's trump card in this situation. Philip grabs some hot water, some vinegar, maybe some baking soda, whatever ingredients necessary to treat the paper with the phone number so its hidden message will reveal.

Meanwhile, Gregory tells about how Elizabeth came to visit him just before Paige was born, crying and saying she can't go back to live a lie with Philip. Heartbroken Philip keeps decoding his message, as Gregory asks him again: does he love Elizabeth? "If you don't," he says, "leave her be. And if you do ... leave her be." Everything's coming up Gregory in this scenario. Except that newsboy cap he's wearing. In fact, between that thing, Philip's skullie, and Elizabeth's dead fox of a wig, nobody's faring too well with what's atop their heads in this mission. Anyway, things just got weird in the kitchen, and Philip has decoded the paper into what appears to be a grid with some symbols, and maybe it's time to take a break from these guys.

Back at the FBI, Agent John-Boy is fuming about how Joyce just up and vanished, right out from under their noses. Angry enough to reference formerly notable magician Doug Henning, is how mad he is. Stan thinks the skill it must've taken to slip their cover makes it even more likely she's Directorate S. John-Boy has to phone this news upstairs now, and Chris steps forward and assures him that they all thought continuing surveillance (i.e. not bringing Joyce in) was the right call. Chris means this as support, but John-Boy knows that Chris and Stan advocated bringing her in, and he doesn't much like having to think on that, so he totally chews Chris out, concluding by saying that of Joyce thinks slipping one lousy tail buys her a ticket back to mother Russia, then she's "as soft as you are." Poor Chris, man.

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The Americans




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