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Philadelphia Freedom

Back at the Safe House, Elizabeth and Joyce are none too happy watching a news report about Joyce's disappearance. This would be part of Agent John-Boy's plan to shine a spotlight on her and make it difficult, if not impossible, for her to get out of town. Elizabeth turns the TV off, but Joyce works herself up into a freakout. She talks herself through her thought process, how she used to think Robert was a drug dealer, but now, after the classified ad and the safe house (AND YOUR INCREDIBLY FAKE AND UNNECESSARY WIG, ELIZABETH), she remembers one time how she came home unbeknownst to him and saw him writing down messages from a radio. So she's come to a different conclusion: they're all spies, aren't they? One more conclusion: "You're gonna kill me and the baby. Is that why he had me place that ad, so you could kill us?" It's nice that Joyce added that second part, so Elizabeth can say "No" and still be truthful. She promises that Robert would have wanted them to protect her. The look on Elizabeth's face says she wants that too.

Agents Stan and Chris are stuck working the streets of Philly at night because that's what happens when a mission gets fucked up. They walk through the events of earlier today, when Joyce gave their agents the slip. They conclude that she's either highly trained or had lots of help. And after Stan spots some shifty looking dude trying not to look like he's keeping his eye on him, Stan strongly begins to suspect the latter. Chris has a lead on the produce truck that cut the Feds off, so they go follow that thread.

Philip is now looking at a briefcase full of money and a gun, compliments of "Granny" for use in purchasing the aforementioned intel. Elizbeth is like, "...Granny?" Philip's rationale for the nickname he apparently decided on unilaterally: "Yeah, she seemed kinda old." Suddenly, the disguises make so much more sense. Elizabeth wants to come with him, but he shuts her down and says they're expecting only him. He also bemoans the fact that they'll have to update Granny with the news that Joyce has made them. He stomps outside. She follows him. "Maybe right now would be the perfect time to talk about the revelations of the day?" Elizabeth must think to herself, because she asks Philip if he wants to talk. He doesn't, but he ends up blowing up at her about Gregory anyway, about how she's been lying to him for 15 years while telling her innermost feelings to Gregory. Well, when he puts it that way. Elizabeth objects to the "secrets" accusation, which seems silly to her given what they do. He hisses that he's never lied to her, not once. She tells him that she ended things with Gregory -- that's why Gregory even brought this up, to hurt him. Cutting his nose off to spite his face, Philip tells her not to stop seeing Gregory on his account. "Don't do me any favors," he says. They'll just go back to living the way they have been, stable and functional and loveless. "See him whenever you need," he spits. "Whenever you need." Ouch, though.

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