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Philadelphia Freedom

The fun don't stop for Philip! He's in some kind of darkened warehouse space, getting frisked by two goons in anticipation of making his exchange. He volunteers the knife strapped to his ankle and is led to a back room, with the goons about two paces behind him. He's met in the back by a bearded guy who WAIT HOLD UP PHILIP'S "DISGUISE" INCLUDES AN EARRING. AAAAHHH! Best news ever. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. (Don't worry, ladies, it's not in the gay ear.) Beardo sits down and an agitated Philip asks the guys behind him to please step out of his blind spot. They oblige, momentarily, but when Philip steps forward to hand over the briefcase, they step right back into formation. "Please," Philip asks again. This time he really seems like he doesn't want the trouble. But when he moves to place the case on the table, they move for him, so he has no choice but to wreck shit on the both of them. Not exactly looking forward to the episode when the show decides it doesn't have to keep reminding us what a badass Philip is at hand-to-hand combat. These scenes are great. And then when he's done, to Beardo: "I did warn them. Twice." Beardo chuckles at this and is impressed. Philip says he can either start a war or give him what he came for and keep all this cash that's now strewn about the room after Philip used the briefcase as a bludgeon. So Beardo hands over the plans. Are you ready for this? They're plans for "Nuclear X Later Anti-Ballistic Missile Ray." A laser cannon to shoot down nukes! You guys! This show might make it yet.

Safe House. Elizabeth and Gregory bicker over whether to kill Joyce. She tells him their people can relocate her. "What planet are you thinking of?" he scoffs. "Cuba, most likely," she returns. Well played. He accuses her of being sentimental and wanting her to live. She doesn't deny it, and why should she? Robert was their friend and trusted Joyce to them. "He was not your friend, he was your husband's friend," Gregory tells her. "You're starting to feel guilty and it's starting to cloud your judgment." She makes like Mikhail Gorbachev's two best friends and is all "Screw You," and he's like, "Not anymore apparently, and then she SLAPS him, which was deserved. He backs down and says he was just trying to do right by her. He says he loves her then walks away all sad-puppy. "You want to be married to him, fine," he says, "but you can't do it on a lie." Oh, so he outed them to Philip so she and Philip could have a foundation of truth! Got it!

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The Americans




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