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Philadelphia Freedom

Elsewhere, Stan and Chris have managed to find the van that was used in the Joyce-grab. Stan once again expresses his thought that the operation is too vast for her to have pulled it all off herself. He then takes a knee to tie his shoe, in one of the more bald-faced contrivances the show has gifted us with this year, and spots someone on the other side of the truck, tailing them. Stan gives chase and it's INTO THE PROJECTS we go!

Stan is probably a little too old and a little too slow to keep up, so pretty soon, the guy is lost in the interiors of the project. Or else maybe Stan is one of those people who can't tell black people apart? Chris is all, "Forget it, it's Chinatown," about it. The camera goes for a few 360-degree turns around Stan as he wonders why some hood rat is mixed up with KGB spies. Looks like Gregory's crew (who are not KGB, we heard earlier, but just think Gregory's working a drug deal) is the next weak link for Stan to target.

The Jenningses drive out of the city to a clearing, with Joyce and Oscar in the back seat. Elizabeth says "they" have passports, new identities, et cetera, all set for her. They take her out to meet Granny, who's waiting by a van. The music is WAY too serene and happy right now. Likewise, Granny is way too kindly, to both Joyce and the Jenningses. This girl is toast, and I become more convinced of it the more Granny goes on and on about the white beaches of Havana. Elizabeth's hair has just about had it for the day, but it manages a kind nod Joyce's way as she disappears into the van oblivion. Still, though. Nothing bad is happening yet. No gunshot from inside the car. No screams. No explosion. Maybe she'll get out after all ... ?

Granny at least snaps out of Fairy Godmother mode when she comes to retrieve the plans from Philip. She passes on some regards from General Zhukov and then drives off.

The next morning, neither Philip nor Elizabeth has been to bed, and with the kids up in an hour, they're not going to try. Philip ices the superficial stab wound he got in his fight and tries to keep Elizabeth from seeing. Elizabeth then launches into a rather lengthy monologue, starting with how she was recruited by the KGB at 17, sent to America at 22, married off to Philip without ever having a boyfriend, and basically didn't know shit about shit. Then she met Gregory, who was passionate about what she was passionate about and was the first person she could talk to about things. "It just ... happened," she says. She's not saying it to downplay her connection with Gregory. She's talking about how easy it was. It just happened. It never happened that way for her and Philip, "did it?" He shakes his head no. He'll probably start crying if he has to talk. She tells him how sorry she is that it never happened between them. But -- but! -- " I feel like it's happening now." A ray of hope. I have to say, the nature of Philip and Elizabeth's relationship -- what it is, what it isn't, what they'd like it to be, what they have to struggle for it to become -- is one of the truly compelling things about this show. It's not going to come easy, I don't think. She reaches her hand to touch his, and this time he doesn't pull away.

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