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Philip meets with Charles. Charles appears to be a college-professor type who also, it turns out, is one of the leading Conservative columnists in Washington. The GOP loves him for being a "reformed" Socialist who now rails against Communist Russia, but of course, it's all a cover. Charles tells Philip that he believes the account of the assassination attempt as it's been reported in the press, but as far as what's happening inside GW hospital, who knows? As a member of said press, he'll get stonewalled just like the rest of them, so he won't be of any help to Philip that way. Philip asks if he can get him names of the nurses who tended to Reagan. Charles can, though he doesn't think they'll talk to Philip. "Frankly," Charles confides to Philip, "I hope the bastard bleeds to death on the operating table." Charles should've been played by Eddie Izzard, I've just decided. Philip smiles at Charles and says, "Your commitment to the cause was always ... total." Interesting implication that Philip's commitment was, or is, not as total.

As Elizabeth drives to a meeting point in a seriously run-down section of town, she's listening to radio news, and the misinformation is clearly not just limited to Al Haig. This particular report declares, according to "Congressional sources," that press secretary James Brady dead, which obviously wasn't true. Elizabeth pulls to the side of the road, and she's momentarily joined by Granny. Who thankfully ends up giving her actual name to Elizabeth -- well, okay, probably not her actual name, but her official code name or whatever. She's Claudia, is basically my point. She tells Elizabeth to start gathering supplies for "Operation Christopher," which Elizabeth lets us know means guerilla warfare on the part of Russian agents within the U.S. Claudia says she doesn't think the USSR did this, though the Americans may try to blame them. Moreover, she, and by extension the Soviet Union, think that the U.S. could be in the middle of a takeover of power, and that could indicate time for war. She tells Elizabeth they need intel on three things: 1) the condition of the President, 2) who's in control of the government now, and 3) any attempts to blame the Soviets. Elizabeth looks worried as hell, but Claudia assures her that she has great faith in her. She says she fought behind enemy lines in Stalingrad for two years, and she didn't have Elizabeth's training background. "If it happens, you'll do well."

Things are kind of apeshit over at the Rezidentura, so nobody really notices much when Nina gets an odd phone call. Stan's cover is that he's calling about Kennedy Center business, and Nina tries to beg off the proposed meeting without making much of a scene. Stan is insistent, though. Obviously, this meeting is going to happen.

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