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Philip and Elizabeth drive into a parking lot. There are wigs present, so you know they're on the clock. They meet one of Gregory's guys, who has a car waiting for them, one with government plates. He tells them they've got two hours, and off they go.

Soviet Embassy. Nina got another window, so she prepares to leave for her meetup. She asks Vasily if she can leave to go check out a local bar where Congressional aides usually gather. She thinks she can pick up some good intel there. Smooth. I gotta remember that one the next time I want to leave early to get a drink. Vasily tells her to report back to him as soon as she returns. Then, after she leaves his office, he pulls one of his assistants, David, aside and tells him to follow Nina. So, okay, not that smooth.

Finally, we see what Philip and Elizabeth needed those government plates for: they're posing as aides to the VP's Chief of Staff in order to question one of the nurses who attended to Reagan. This shag wig on Elizabeth is one of her better ones, though that's not saying much at all. I am still hoping that, should these two ever get caught, it's because someone got suspicious of two people with insanely obvious wigs hanging around. Anyway, they thank this nurse, Dana Simon, for her service to the country, then tell her that, in an effort to be as on top of things as possible, they need to control the rumors about the President's condition. They need to know if what they're hearing is true. Dana confirms that, yes, Reagan is going to pull through. They then ask Dana not to tell anyone about this meeting (wouldn't want to "further politicize" things, which effectively is a meaningless statement, but I like how it sounds meaningful enough to work) and give her their cards, should any new information come up. Philip even gives her a pin from the VP's office. Nice touch, Phil.

It's nighttime in that second-story restaurant window, and still no sign of Nina. Man, Agent John-Boy must be fuming back at Langley. Finally, Nina pulls up in her car, and Stan rushes out to meet her. Chris is playing lookout from the window, and though he sees a car pull up behind Nina, he can't tell who's in it. He's got his walkie-talkie in his hand, poised to tell Stan to abort or not, but it looks like he's hesitating to pull the trigger. Meanwhile, Stan and Nina are walking towards each other, on a collision course almost, and Stan can spot the car with the headlights on. He's almost panicked, waiting for the signal from Chris, but none comes. He ultimately walks right past, Nina, who ignores him as well, on her way into the bar. Close call, but the inaction on Chris's part is probably going to be a problem.

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