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At the Beemans', Stan's wife is upset about how suddenly he's back in this high-stress, high-danger environment again. She talks about living in St. Louis while he was embedded with the Klan or whoever, and how she and Matthew missed him but had made a life for themselves. Now, they're in D.C., they nominally have Stan back, but he's not fully back. He never talks to them, he's distant, he's weird. Stan confesses that being embedded with "psycho militants" for too long kind of messed him up. Things don't feel the same anymore, but he's trying. You can tell it wounds Sandra to have her suspicions confirmed like this, but she's dealing with it. I'm not sure I'm wild about following the Beemans through the ups and downs of a vaguely dissatisfying marriage, but I'm sure Stan's "psycho militant" side will be a big part of the rest of the season. Countdown to him murdering a detainee?

Philip returns home, and Elizabeth is still awake. He tells her all is clear, and she works herself up to a semi-apology, saying she's glad they did things his way this time. "The Center was lucky to have you on the ground today." Philip, also in the mood to concede a little ground, says if Moscow ever finds out they sat on the Haig intelligence, they're finished. She touches his face, promises not to tell if he won't. No foreplay like the fear of globothermonuclear war.

Joe Ralready wants the spinoff where we see Claudia's two years behind enemy lines in Stalingrad. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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