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The Replacement Killers

At home, Elizabeth marks down coded messages from the radio. She goes down to the kitchen to inform Philip they the German managed to get one of the scientists, along with three FBI agents. Which is pretty disastrous. "The Centre wants to know what happened," she said. Philip, justifiably perturbed, says what "happened" was that they had a shit mission with lousy intel and they STILL stopped the guy. Not in time, Elizabeth reminds him. "This is our worst failure in 15 years," she says. Again, Philip is justified in his annoyance at her characterization of this as a failure on their part. She's just saying what she thinks the Centre will, but she's also internalizing this sense that they can't do their job correctly if they're wrapped up in relationship stuff. She tells him that her head was elsewhere on the mission tonight. It was on "us," their relationship. She tells him that they were never married. "We had an arrangement. And it worked." He tells her about that first day that they met, how he could tell she wished he was someone else. Someone... better, I guess. He says he tried to make it work between them, but Elizabeth says it can't. "It is what it is." Defeated, he walks past her, and then turns around. "When we first came here," he says, "we had to be married, for our cover. But things are different now, people get separated all the time." He says if she doesn't want to be married to him the Centre probably would not even care. Um... really? Because it might make all those missions they have to do together look kind of suspicious.

Finally, back at FBI HQ, Martha packs up her things under the watchful (predatory?) eye of Chris. Watching this the first time, it looked like he had nefarious, sexual-assault-y intentions toward her. Now I wonder if it's just that he got suspicious of her after he saw her at the file cabinet. Anyway, he follows her home, which isn't exactly UN-creepy. You figure this is how he's going to end up learning about her and Clark, but that's for another episode.

Joe R reeeeeally wonders what the significance of Chris's ring is going to turn out to be. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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