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Anywhere But Moscow

Elizabeth picks up Gregory in a remote location and they have The Talk. You know, the classic "Going to Moscow" talk. Elizabeth really wants to talk about it, but Gregory just doesn't see it working out. He wants to go to L.A., disappear into deepest Compton with a new name and possibly a new face. (Try not to laugh as Gregory mentions how Elizabeth and Philip are "the masters of disguise.") So it's not the starting over he objects to. He still doesn't appear to have any ties other than Elizabeth. It's just... Moscow. Gross. Elizabeth doesn't think the Center will go for this L.A. plan. Gregory seems to think they will if Elizabeth asks. Then he asks Elizabeth to go on the run with him, just the two of them. Okay, now this is getting past unrealistic and into the realm of secret-fantasy.

After the break, Special Agent John-Boy holds a rather large meeting on the subject of one Gregory Thomas and his civil rights history. They draw the line from his activism to his possible (now probable) recruitment by the KGB.

Gregory, at the safe house, gets a visit from Claudia. Oh, this should be good. She plays things about as warmly as she can manage, but she's still all business. She tells him that they'd reeeeeeeally like to make this L.A. thing happen for him, but the bottom line is that they don't think it would work. Gregory notes with some (dumbshit) surprise that "You guys are more scared of [the Feds] than I am." Gee, funny that the actual KGB would be so concerned about the Americans catching them. He doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that him getting caught -- as far as they're concerned -- means them getting caught. As Special Agent John-Boy said last week, everybody talks. Claudia tells Gregory that she's a guard dog and she takes no chances with the people she protects. Intercut with all this Margo Martindale realness are scenes of Stan and the Feds tearing Gregory's old flat apart. Claudia further tells Gregory that they planted evidence linking him with Amador's murder in his apartment. This way, the trail stops at him and doesn't go further to Philip and Elizabeth. She calls this Gregory's "final act of service." He can only smile and marvel at how very much Claudia does not mess around. He still doesn't think he's going to be able to do Moscow, despite her assurances. He tells her that all his life, he only wanted one thing: to live for something. Now that he's done that, he knows he's done. Done.

Out in the hallway, Claudia tells Philip that Gregory isn't budging on Moscow. He asks her if Gregory managed to soften her on the idea of L.A. She says that he's fooling himself if he thinks he can pull that off. So what if it comes to the worst? "Elizabeth and I have had our differences," Claudia says, maintaining her gift for understatement. But if this goes bad, she doesn't want Elizabeth to have to be the one to finish it. Something tells me, Philip will not have a problem coming through on this occasion.

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