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At the FBI, Agent Bartholomew is going over where they are in the case to the task force: thus far, they're still trying to confirm whether the deceased at Arlington Methodist was a Directorate S officer killed while abducting Timoshev or else just an unfortunate drifter. He's interrupted by the Assistant Attorney General, who brings word that Reagan is none too happy to learn that the KGB can just conduct business inside the States like this. He's signed an executive order giving the Feds the authority to use extreme measures. "Ladies and gentlemen," he says, "we are going to war." He proceeds to deliver a pep talk about how the work will be hard, but they have truth and justice on their side or something.

At home that night, the Jenningses drink a couple of vodka shots before bed. Because their bedroom set wasn't yet certain that they were Russian. Dead giveaway, kids. He asks why she never told him about Timoshev and she says they weren't supposed to talk about their old lives. She frets about his dangerous things are about to get, but he reminds her that they've been doing this a long time. She clasps his hand in hers, a new move for her and begins to tell him about her childhood. Her father was killed fighting the Nazis in WWII. Her real name is Nadezhda. Breaking ALL the rules!

Flashback: Northern Virginia, 1965. Philip and Elizabeth arrive at their new home for the first time. They marvel at something called an "air conditioner" and smile nervously at each other. He touches her hair and she says, "I'm not ready." He's fine with it, I guess, but he's like, "Eventually we'll be expected to have kids." Elizabeth instead psychs herself up with talk of how there's a "weakness" in the American people.

I guess the counterpoint to that is supposed to be Stan Beeman, who is so not weak that he can't stride across the street, breaks into the Jenningses' garage and goes snooping in their car trunk. So he IS onto them. Or maybe just wildly suspicious and he got lucky. Either way, the trunk is spotless. Nice job, Elizabeth. Disappointed, Stan trudges back to the street. Then, the Love Theme from The Americans ("Tusk") starts playing again and as Stan makes his exit, he walks right past Philip, lurking in the shadows, gun in hand, ready to go out blazing if he has to. Quite the change of heart from a few days ago. Defector no more. Now, Philip's intentions are as complicated, confused and varied as the Fleetwood Mac album that bears this episode's name. TUSK!

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The Americans




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