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Later, Philip sits on a park bench alone, obviously readying to make this drop-off happen. He looks around and sees two cops -- from either direction -- racing around, clearly after some perp. Philip actually plays it remarkably cool, taking it in but not looking nervous. Indeed, the cops aren't after him. When they DO come for him, it won't be two sweaty, middle-aged beat cops. They're looking for a mugger and Philip just smiles and, within ten yards of them, he sticks the coded message to the bottom of the park bench and walks off. He knows what he's doing, this one.

Back home, Elizabeth goes to check in Timoshev, but instead steps into a time machine, flashing back to Gryazi in 1960. That's twenty-one years prior and it's still Keri Russell playing the part, which I guess makes sense since she hasn't really aged, but it would mean that 1960 Keri is playing 17-ish and 1981 Keri is playing 38-ish. As somebody whose college years overlapped with Felicity's college years exactly, I am not ready for Keri Russell to be playing 38-ish. So Teen Elizabeth is in training and having a good bit of fun with the hand-to-hand stuff. The session is interrupted by Captain Timoshev, who dismisses the instructor so that he may "teach her how we do it in the field." The instructor's uneasy about this, but follows orders. So the training begins again, with Timoshev not using hand pads. He corrects her on her English ("I'm sorry" not "I am sorry") and when she leaves herself open, he tags her for real. This all seems harsh but not out of bounds for training a field agent... until he slugs her in the gut and powers her to the ground. The instructor watches from his office or whatever, helpless insofar as he won't ever defy institutional hierarchies on behalf of his own morals, which is how Elizabeth ends up getting raped on a sweaty, gross gym mat in Gryazi. I'm surprised he doesn't correct her cries of "nyet" to say "no."

Back in the present day, Elizabeth opens the trunk of the car and makes sure he sees her face. "Remember me, Captain?" she asks. Perfect English.

After the break, the kids are home from school. Henry is explaining to his mom the ins and outs of the latest Archie comic, while Paige is talking about the paper she's writing on "How the Russians cheat at arms control." Obviously, this intrigues Elizabeth. "This is for Hendrickson's class?" she asks, probably filing the name away for future placement on her list of people who've been mean to mother Russia. He wonders aloud whether it's weird to listen to that guy lecture, what with his harelip. Unexpectedly mean! Paige, ever the PC American, chastises her mom for talking about a man's "handicap." Philip comes home and has Henry look out the window at the cool car he rented until they can use the Oldsmobile again. Because, you know, car trouble. He pulls Elizabeth aside and says he made the drop-off, but no word yet. Annoyed, she's like, "Maybe he can just move in with us."

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The Americans




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