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That evening, Philip is taking Henry to an event at school, something involving astronauts. They play/sing the national anthem at the beginning, which Philip sings without any visual grudge. You could probably interpret that he maybe likes it. There is an astronaut who is going to speak to the crowd and as he's announced, everybody starts cheering and waving miniature American flags. Then the music gets darker and the pace slows down and Philip's face gets more conflicted, and I start to expect we're about to go into a flashback. Oh no, are we about to find out Philip was molested by an astronaut??

Thank God, no. But that night, in the middle of the night, Philip gets out of bed, heads down to the garage, and takes Timoshev out of the trunk. He un-gags him, so of course Timoshev immediately lunges to bite Philip's throat, which Philip is able to muscle out of with a delightfully annoyed, "You're such a pain in the ass!" Philip wants to make a deal with this turd, news that calms Timoshev significantly. As Philip removes his straight jacket, Elizabeth shows up. What the hell, dude? Philip says he's taking him to Stan next door. He was going to drive him farther away from home, but she took the distributor cap off the car. Oh so THAT'S why the hood was up. "So you're leaving me," she sneers. He says he's making a deal -- she doesn't have to talk to the Americans if she thinks it'll make her a traitor, but she will come away with him and the kids afterwards, since her cover's blown either way. "So you're just deciding for us?" she says. "One of us has to," he says, before snapping that they're running out of time. He wants to do this together, but she refuses. "I am a KGB officer," she says. "I would do anything, I would go to jail, I would DIE before I betrayed my country." There's really no way for Philip to counter this. She's ready to finish this bullshit, so she punches her husband and starts brawling with Timoshev. He throws her into the wall at one point, and when Philip moves to defend his wife, she angrily calls him off. She wants this one herself. "COME ON," she yells at Timoshev. How the kids (or even the neighbors) can't hear them is a mystery. More brawling. She gets him down to his knees and when he makes for the tire iron on the floor, she kicks his head through some drywall. WHOA. She then pulls him back through and lords over him with the tire iron. "Sorry," is all he can muster, "I never meant to hurt you. They let us have our way with the cadets. It was part of our job. A perk." Philip asks what that disgustingness means. "How did he hurt you?" he asks Elizabeth. Nobody's talking. She's too busy staring a hole through Timoshev's skull. "Do what you want with him," she says, dropping the tire iron. "Take him to the Americans if that's what you want." Of course, NOW all Philip wants to do is to choke the life out of Timoshev for a moment before snapping his neck with one violent jerking motion. He lets the body drop and stares at his wife. Not sure if this means Phil's back onboard with the KGB or if he just wanted to avenge his Kremlin-betrothed lady, but let's split that hair later.

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The Americans




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