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Meanwhile, Philip has driven off into the woods somewhere so he can listen in on the clock bug. But all he gets is static.

The next day, at the travel agency, Philip tells Elizabeth that Heylia never put the clock back. They're both so pissed. So the mission is blown. They have to assume she's gone to the cops. They can't go back to her apartment. The son is going to die. And the police will know it was the KGB. Philip thinks it serves him right for rushing the mission, but at least they themselves weren't blown. Elizabeth gets the crazy notion that they can finish the mission themselves, whatever that means. She says they don't know for sure that Heylia's gone to the cops. Philip thinks it's crazy to assume otherwise. Their argument is interrupted by a coded phone call, an urgent signal from Mrs. Deputy Undersecretary (whose name is Annelise, it seems).

Elsewhere, Agent Chris and Agent John-Boy are in a van surveilling a meet up between Stan and the woman from the electronics store. They're at a fruit stand, and Stan approaches her very casually. He tells her upfront that he's an FBI agent, so she clams right up, but he explains what he knows: she's trading caviar for stereo equipment and also some cash; she likely stole the caviar from her embassy; she's using diplomatic pouches to send the stereo equipment and cash back home to her family, where they can sell the equipment for more cash. If her bosses found out about this, she'd likely be sent off to a Siberian labor camp, threatens Stan. Or else he cannot tell her bosses, and she'll start working for him. He wants her to nod if that's her decision. Poor girl. She waits, she weighs her options, and ultimately, she nods. Successful trip to the fruit stand for Agent Stan.

Philip picks up Annelise by the side of the road and starts driving. So what was her big emergency? Well, just that she's your standard Unstable Bitch. Every thriller's gotta have one. She's going crazy without "Scott," she can't deal with being stuck with her husband while Scott is off doing God knows what. She threatens to go to the police, which is a mistake. He pulls over and tries to talk her down. She starts spinning off about him taking her to Sweden, taking a desk job there, or perhaps doing "something terribly masculine" like chopping wood or something with reindeer. Now she's being all flirty, talking about doing it on a bearskin rug and such. He's like, "That's very tempting," but she wants him to just say yes. Just for tonight. "I know it isn't real." Girl wants to be strung along. She needs to be strung along. So he says yes and they make out and she imagines their fake like in Sweden. Then, without warning, she gets out of the car and starts ... walking home, I guess. "I'll see you later," she says, all weird and threatening. Yeah, he's gonna have to kill her one of these weeks, huh?

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The Americans




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