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That night, Elizabeth wakes Paige up and offers to pierce her ears. Paige is wary: "Mom, this is an odd request to be making in the middle of the night, are you sure you're not a KGB agent?" Or not. She's actually into it, and we end up with a sweet moment, where Elizabeth is like, "You can go to the mall and do it with your friends, or I could do it right here." Her mom pierced her ears around Paige's age, actually. And so while I wonder about Elizabeth and Philip's parents and what stories they told their kids about why they have no other family, Elizabeth gets to the business of piercing her daughter's ears. Meanwhile, Philip watches his son sleep and cries about what he had to do to another person's son today. As Elizabeth punctures her daughter's earlobe, there's a drop of blood. Red blood. COMMUNIST RED BLOOD.

At the Soviet embassy, Stan's inside gal tries to eavesdrop on some conversations, as we follow Vasili and Hardliner back to their offices. Inside, hardliner produces a radio and they begin to listen in on the Defense Secretary and Defense Minister's conversation. When the topic turns to plans for a ballistic missile shield, their faces get very grave.

Joe R doesn't want to get into a whole thing about ballistic missile shields. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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