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It's a Trap

The more pressing point of discussion is that Claudia has been informed of Elizabeth and Philip's request to have her reassigned. Elizabeth says that can't have come as a huge surprise. Claudia narrows her eyes and says the whole thing ended up requiring her to fill out a 27-section form. Elizabeth: "I guess your job can be dangerous, too." Still more repetitive dick-measuring from these two, with all the old refrains. Elizabeth thinks Claudia is a soulless monster. Claudia thinks Elizabeth doesn't know half of what she thinks she knows about being a good spy. Round and round. "I know you better than you know yourself," Claudia says, taking a bite of the suspicious eggs Florentine. "And you don't know me at all."

At the travel agency, Elizabeth relays the news about the Colonel meeting and Prince's detention. Philip says the bug in Agent John-Boy's office has yielded a few hushed conversations that happened elsewhere, which could be any number of things. Basically, they won't know this is a set-up until they know. Elizabeth tells Philip that if this all does go bad, he needs to be packed and ready to go on the run with the kids immediately. Their timetable for this is very much shortened since Stan Beeman will be able to ID her on sight. (So... yet another reason why any other situation that wasn't the subject of a contrived TV show would have had Philip and Elizabeth re-assigned the moment Stan moved next door?) Philip, oh so fucking predictably, tells her that it'll be her going on the run with the kids, since he's taking the meeting himself. Chivalrous and presumptuous until the last. Elizabeth's argument makes much more sense, of course. Not only is the Colonel her mission from her agent, but the kids currently have a much better relationship with Philip and will be much more willing to leave town at a moment's notice and not put up too much bullshit resistance if he's the one calling the shots. But Philip is the Man and the Man falls on his sword for his lady and blah blah blah. Besides, she needs Philip to pick up the tape at Weinberger's house. (The irony, of course, in case I needed to remind you, is that the set-up is at Weinberger's, not with the Colonel.) More posturing from the both of them, both of them trying to be the tough guy, until Elizabeth puts her foot down and plays the "the Centre said so" card. That trumps, for now.

At the FBI, Agents Stan and John-Boy are being briefed about the hows and whens of the recording device at Weinberger's. It's in the trunk of a nearby parked car, and when the agents want to retrieve the recording, they just pick it up at the car. Looks like Stan's forming a plan. He also stares at the sketches like they're about to give him some huge epiphany.

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