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Let's Go to the Mole

At the Soviet embassy, we're spared the sight of Vasili and Nina having sex by mere moments. It's bad enough we're watching them bask afterwards. Well, he's basking. He tells Nina she's good for his weary heart or some such. He's bumming, he tells her, because they found out there's a mole in their midst. Actually, the way he puts it -- "The Rezidentura has been penetrated" -- might cause a lesser man to make some pretty tasteless jokes. NOT ME, THOUGH. Nina starts freaking right away, but he doesn't catch on that it's something he should be concerned about. He's too busy framing this whole mole incident as a referendum on his tenure as Rezident. Nina gets back in bed with him, but clearly she's mentally planning escape routes.

At the FBI, Special Agent John-Boy calls Stan into his office. He shows him a report about a man getting shit and killed last week, and Stan makes the connection that the guy was shot merely blocks away from where they were tracking Vasili. Again, there's NO way Vasili could have led the federal agents farther away? Anyway, the only information they have on this guy is that he was a Visiotech employee, and that Visiotech is working on the missile-shield project. (Okay, so... Elizabeth didn't get rid of the body? Maybe she couldn't in broad daylight?) John-Boy goes on to tell Stan about some secret Defense Department blueprints that went missing a short time ago. Stan says those two things add up to quite the coincidence. John-Boy says his grandmother used to say, "Coincidence is God's way of winking at you," but this doesn't feel like a friendly wink to him.

Elizabeth's at home, chopping onions for dinner and making the faces one makes when one chops the onions for dinner. Some sound gets her attention. Something far away. Footsteps? Upstairs maybe? She's already got the knife in hand, so she heads upstairs to check things out. She stalks down the hallway and slowly, gingerly enters her bedroom. A bottle of perfume is knocked over on her dresser and she sets it upright. Suddenly, behind her, a bulky man attacks. She is who she is, so she enthusiastically fights back and gets this guy who's twice her size at least down to the ground. Unfortunately, she's not prepared for the second guy, who comes up from behind her with a blunt instrument and knocks her out.

Paige and Henry are waiting at the mall for their mom to pick them up, but she's obviously not coming. And nobody's at home to answer the phone. Not even modern-day conveniences like cell phones would've been able to help them. So they're stuck. Paige, using her older-sibling veto power, decides that they're going to walk to the road and then hitch a ride home. Henry, with his younger-sibling prerogative, whines and says they've been told not to hitch. Paige just makes fun of him for being scared.

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