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Let's Go to the Mole

Nina nervously hauls ass to a marking structure where she meets with Stan. She informs him that the KGB is on a mole hunt at the Rezidentura and she needs to be exfiltrated NOW. Stan falls back on his assurance that she'll be pulled out in due time, but she doesn't have time for such lame assurances. She's looking at a bullet in her head if she gets caught. The scenario for people in her position: they get caught, put on a plane back to Russia, put on trial and are found guilty. "And I am guilty," she says. Stan simply says he won't let that happen to her. "You have to trust me," he says. Sounds like a perfect plan from Nina's perspective."

Back in the basement, Americano is working over Philip with a telephone book. I don't think I've ever seen that tactic in action. Keeps those fists nice and pristine, though. Philip's holding up pretty well, under the circumstances. Americano tries to take Philip down the slippery slope. If he won't reveal fellow agents' names, perhaps he'll give up dead-drop locations. Or communication protocols. Something. Anything. But Philip holds firm, denying he's a spy. Americano plays a recording of Clark's meeting with Martha from the pilot. (Which means the KGB is either keeping backup recordings of their own agents or else this is a recording that Philip made and gave to the KGB.) So Philip at least has to give up the ghost that he's not a spy. But when Americano directly threatens Philip's children, saying they'll be deported to Russia or at least placed in American orphanages, Philip looks like he might crack. But no, he musters up the strength to tell Americano to go to hell. So Americano resorts to his next tactic: he has his men bring in Elizabeth.

You guys, this subplot with the kids is the dumbest thing. Like, after-school special quality storytelling. I suppose there was a thematic quality to placing the Jennings children in danger when their parents were out of the picture. It shows us how much Philip and Elizabeth need to be there to protect the kids from a predatory world. But the threat seems so extreme and arbitrarily chosen. Whatever, it's stupid, so let's get on with it. So Paige the Idiot Hitchhiker finally flags down some Dodge Charger with North Carolina plates and a paint job that might as well be called Molester Tan. The guy's in his 20s and good-looking enough, with no visible mustaches or tattoos or broken-off handcuffs on his wrists. But, you know, he's picking up a teen girl hitchhiker. Connect the damn dots yourself. Henry just shakes his head no and initially, Paige is a human being about it and tells Molesto the Obvious that they'll just walk home. But when the guy calls their bluff and drives away, Paige ends up changing her mind and runs after the car. She scolds Henry and browbeats him into getting into the car. Our little Karla Homolka here. Johnny Rape Jacket introduces himself as Nick and gets Paige to tell him she's 13. He fails to immediately tell her to exit the car, so he's officially suspect. He goes to shake Henry's hand, but Henry flat refuses.

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