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Let's Go to the Mole

Elsewhere, Elizabeth gets thrown into a tiny-ass cell, keeping her isolated from Philip. Inside the room, there are hundreds of photographs of the Jennings family, in all permutations. Elizabeth, Philip, the kids, all of them. Photos taken when they weren't aware. They've been observed for a while. And these guys can get to the kids whenever they want. That's the implication.

At the FBI, Stan and Agent John-Boy each have information for each other. John-Boy tells Stan that the gunshot victim turns out to have been granted the kind of clearance that means he could stolen those blueprints. Again, John-Boy stresses that he is not a believer in coincidences. So just GTFO if you've got a coincidence on you. Get right the eff out. Meanwhile, Stan relays the news from Nina that the KGB knows there's a mole in the Rezidentura. John-Boy immediately adopts the "shit happens/this is a tough job" stance, just like you figured he would. Stan doesn't look like he was expecting much different, so he came armed with an alternative plan, one which apparently starts with inquiring about some illegal immigrants who were caught smuggling diamonds in their asses. He asks if he could get ahold of those diamonds. John-Boy cracks a joke about how pissed Mrs. Stan will be if she finds out where they came from. Har har, John-Boy. Can't you see that Stan has a vague and hastily-formulated plan?

Back on the Road to Sex-Slavery-ville, Nick is still trying to get Henry to say something, but Henry is steadfast in his conscientious objection to his sister's idiocy. Nick then asks if they mind if he makes a stop first and Henry's like, "I thought you were in a hurry?" By the time Nick hands Paige a bag full of bread -- to feed the ducks, which is what he always does on the way to work -- even dumb old Paige is thinking this is all a bit strange.

Of course, none of this would be happening if her father weren't selfishly getting waterboarded in a basement somewhere. Meanwhile, the kidnappers summon Elizabeth from her cell.

Nick pulls his car up to the INCREDIBLY isolated pond and brushes off Paige's concerns with a, "You don't want the ducks to starve, do you?" He then offers to introduce Henry to "Donald." Okay, at BEST he's infantilizing these children before doing God knows what to them. At worst, "Donald" is the name of his accomplice. He pulls a six-pack of beer out of the trunk and then leads the kids to what I'm pretty sure is the same clearing where the Zodiac killer murdered his seventh and eighth victims. At least there are ducks there. He may well have driven those kids to a warehouse with the windows boarded up and told them the ducks were swimming inside, and Paige probably still would've gone along with it. He cracks open a beer and offers it to Paige, because he's been studying the Handbook for the Aspiring Child Molester quite closely. Paige takes it and is weird. She sips unenthusiastically, which I guess is almost as good as saying "fuck this" and running away. He hands Henry a bag of breadcrumbs to go feed the birds farther away, and then he starts in on how Paige is going to be a "knockout." Sigh. Can we move this along already? Paige says they should go and Henry is like, "Way ahead of you," but they're only about ten paces away when Nick angrily hollers at them, saying that "Somebody paid for that beer." The kids stop for some reason, and listen to Nick ramble on about danger and how he did stupid things in his life and how we need people to call us on our shit. He asks Henry to fetch him another, beer and he's halfway down the road to talking about God -- the reddest of all flags -- when Henry spies the knife in his waistband. Henry takes the beer he went to fetch and clocks Nick over the head with it. The kids start running away for real this time.

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