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Let's Go to the Mole

Stan and Nina meet at an art museum of some kind in a video installation room. Once they're alone, Stan hands Nina a tiny camera and tells her she needs to take photos of some secure documents. Doesn't matter which ones. She snaps at him that he said she could trust him -- now he's sending her in on a suicide mission for undefined document photos. What happened to the plan to get her out? Stan says this IS the plan. He tries to connect with her by saying that he's been where she's been, undercover behind enemy lines. He tells her she can do it. "We" can do it. She tells him that even if she could take the pictures, she could never smuggle them out. Security is too tight. "You won't have to," Stan assures her. Well that's nice and cryptic.

Back in the basement of pain, Elizabeth is brought in and set down in a chair facing Philip. Time to play Peter against Paul. The threat is stated quite plainly: Philip is to talk, or else he gets to watch his wife be tortured. Philip clams up, but when Americano orders his minions to start dunking Elizabeth, Philip at least asks them what they expect to get out of this encounter. This halts things enough. He tells his captors that both he and Elizabeth have been trained for this. They're never going to talk. "We'll die first," Elizabeth chimes in. "We know how to do that," Philip adds. Americano looks disappointed and motions for his cronies to dunk Elizabeth, until a voice from the back of the room tells them to stop. It's Claudia, obviously, because this has been a Soviet test, obviously. She says they had to know if either one of them was the mole. Obviously. OBVIOUSLY. Where was your training on THAT, dumb-dumbs. But no, Philip looks like he just found out that Mom and Dad were Santa Claus all along. Claudia orders that Philip be untied while she unties Elizabeth. Philip merely whines about her not trusting them. Elizabeth? Elizabeth expresses her displeasure in more demonstrative terms. After asking Claudia whether Zhukov approved this (Claudia says this order came from well above Zhukov; maybe it's time Elizabeth stopped thinking General Zhukov has any say in anything anymore), she punches the shit out of Claudia and then starts to drown her in the water. And while I'm somewhat devastated that this great burgeoning friendship between female badasses has quite suddenly been trashed, I at least accept Elizabeth's rage more easily than I do Philip's. Elizabeth still should have seen this coming, but she's enough of a true believer to be genuinely wounded that her loyalty would even be questioned. It's also a sign of creeping Americanization in her that she would be less forgiving of protocol when her feelings are hurt (not to mention when her children are threatened). Anyway, the attack is swift and shockingly violent. She tells Claudia to show her face to whoever approved this and tell them it's Elizabeth's message to them. "SHOW THEM YOUR FACE!" Philip also gets the upper hand on Americano, grabbing his gun and making him tie himself up in the chair. He pulls Elizabeth off Claudia and leads them outside.

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The Americans




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